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My 5 favourite vintage fabric sources

As you probably know, sustainability is something that deeply concerns me …. it is the other half of the coin, for me, in the creation of my keepsake quilts and just as important as the preservation of those wonderful memories.

When I make a quilt, not only do I only use ‘Dream Orient’ environmentally-friendly quilt batting, I also source and use vintage and reclaimed fabrics to complete the quilt. It’s easy, when buying online, to miss the fine print and end up with ‘retro’ or ‘vintage inspired’ fabrics rather than the real thing. So, this evening, I thought I’d share my 5 favourite online fabric sources with you and save you some time and pitfalls ….

Top of the list is the queen of vintage fabric, Donna Flower – always my first stop, for everything from 19th century mangle cloth to printed 80’s abstracts and all between. What I like most is that, unlike the vast majority of vintage fabric suppliers, yardage is widely available, rather than everything reduced down to fat quarters. There’s always a lovely selection of vintage haberdashery as well …. it’s the one place on the internet where I have to be *very* strict with myself, because I’d quite happily transfer almost everything into my stash! Occasionally there are packs of antique quilt squares ….. happy sigh.

Spinster’s Emporium offers a slightly less wide selection of vintage fabrics, but I love their fabric packs, and they always have a great selection of vintage trim & ribbon, haberdashery, buttons & buckles that tempt my magpie eye. As a bonus, there’s some gorgeous vintage wallpaper up for grabs ….. I’m always looking and wondering where I could use the ones I like – but I don’t have a good track record with wallpaper, so fight shy of it a bit!! They are based in Nottingham, and offer courses and parties and kits for revamping/upcycling your clothes. Donna is a pretty talented designer and the blog attached to the shop is an inspiring treat, too.

I adore Rag Rescue …. but you need to be on the mailing list and ready to pounce, because things go *fast* here. Most of the fabric is offered as fat quarters (although larger uncut lengths can be had, subject to availability), but I come here not for yardage, but for that little something extra-special …. the scrapbags are to die for, and there’s a huge selection of vintage & antique lace, trim & haberdashery – and even embroidery threads, that makes it well worth the effort. Their facebook page comes with the added bonus of projects and ideas using vintage fabrics …. like I need tempting (snicker).

SuzuSilks on Etsy is another place I only dare go when I actually need something …. go here for rare, unusual antique and vintage Japanese silks and fabrics from Kimono and Obi. Mouthwateringly delicious, and willpower-destroying …I find it so hard to resist the glorious colours and bold patterns, and, of course, the texture of silk is so very appealing.

There is a wonderful selection of Indian sari fabric at Fabricana on Etsy … not all of it is vintage, and it does ship from India, but those considerations aside I’ve found this to be the best & most reliable source of Indian fabric … there’s a great selection of fat-quarter packs, and although the listings are generally for a half-yard, it’s often possible to get longer lengths, subject to availability. There’s also a sumptuous range of trims and applique pieces. I just adore all those rich, vivid colours.

So that’s the list …. of course, it’s not comprehensive and focusses mostly on the UK as I’m not keen on international shipping. And it doesn’t even touch on ebay, where I’ve picked up all sorts of curiosities (usually whilst looking for something else!!). Where do you buy your vintage fabric? Is there a hidden treasure out there that I should know about? Do share!!



Fabric Floral Corsages

I do like a bit of a fabric floral corsage … as those who know me well will confirm – I almost always have one somewhere in my outfit, either in my hair or pinned to my jacket. I think they’re perfect everyday, and they do add a dash of glamour for an evening out.

I’m so happy that they remain a big style note this season … it’s given me the perfect excuse to play with fabric and make some corsages of my own, for you.

Here’s a selection for you … something for everyone, I hope … a range of colours, perfect with this season’s fashion palette, and a range of sizes, from a tiny little rosebud corsage to a big, bold black-lace hellebore. You can see these and more in my Etsy shop

Now I know you can get them from Accessorize, or Claire’s, or Top Shop, and even Primark, but these are different … completely handmade, totally unique, each is a one-off – so no-one will have one just like yours.

And I’ve used vintage fabrics, and embellished them with vintage buttons, beads and elements of costume jewellery … so the materials are great quality, and durable, and, as a total bonus, are about as eco-friendly and ethical as an accessory can get – without the ethical fashion price tag, too.

Looks like a win to me ….

How do you like to wear yours?