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Working small and slow

Getting back into the swing of things after a wretched couple of weeks … the cold I had developed into a full-blown flu that laid me out for the best part of a week, and then, just when I thought things were starting to pick up, the muscle in my neck and shoulder seized up and I got to spend another week alternating between total agony and medicated blankness.

I’m still feeling slow, and because RSI might be a contributing factor to the shoulder problem, I’m working small and in short bursts before I get back to working on the bigger, detailed pieces … and so, some little monochrome corsages in linen and lace.

fabric corsages - winter monochromes in linen and lace



floral corsage - winter rose


fabric corsage ... white linen cockade

You can see these and more in my Etsy shop … or if you’d like a bespoke service, please do contact me


It has been a tiring couple of months … I hugely enjoyed the cloth-to-cloth workshop, but it has really sapped my energy. So I’ve retreated from the intensity of the slow cloth process & focussed on some smaller, simpler pieces to replenish both my own ceative energy, and the pieces I sold at the craft fair last weekend. Just pulling small scraps of this and that out of the various boxes and matching them up together is soothing, and not too emotionally demanding … until it comes to using a piece that I’ve been hoarding (like the button in the third picture).

Therefore, little embellished lavender pillows:

Denim heart, with couched on costume jewellery beads

Grey serge, with lilac pompom (and why not 😉 )

Latvian linen, with glorious vintage button and scraps of yarn and raffia. I love that button.

Toile de jouy linen with vintage button and gold ribbon loop