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Rosewood Quilt

It all started with this little boro panel …. it needed finishing, and it needed to be used ….. and I didn’t have the emotional energy at the time to make it up into a full-size quilt like Eve’s Garden …. but it did want to be a quilt.

boro quilt panel

And so, a half-way house …. a little boro panel at the heart of a more conventionally pieced and stitched quilt.

rosewood quilt

I love the ‘starburst’ effect the triangles have created around that little panel of heavily sashiko-stitched boro …. I think it focuses attention on it perfectly, so I’m glad I chose that pattern rather than a simpler one ….

rosewood quilt

The piecing is a variation on the Balkan Puzzle pattern (there’s a tutorial here) …. using only reclaimed or vintage fabric …. and fairly densely machine-quilted using a variation of the sashiko ‘lightning spiral’ pattern on each block.

rosewood quilt

Here’s the back …. which also shows you a little bit of my moment of binding insanity …. I used the foldover method, as I didn’t want to get too fussy with it …. and then found myself getting a bit carried away with the stitching around the edge, continuing and varying the the pattern from the centre …

rosewood quilt - binding

(but I think the end result was worth every second of the to-ing and fro-ing with the machine) …. and I think that giving the quilt that gorgeous green thread – out of my treasured and depleting stash of vintage cotton threads – was the *best* idea.

rosewood quilt

I love this quilt …. it’s very calming to be around and has such a nice comforting weight to it – due to the mix of fabrics, I think – that chocolately corduroy is delicious, and I love the softness of the heavy green upholstery fabric – the overblown roses in it pick up the little pinks in the vintage sheeting I used. It seems just right for an autumn snuggle, now that the weather is closing in.

I hope I can find a home for it soon …. it needs to be used and loved.

It’s waiting in my Etsy shop ….

Sashiko stitching

Not so much for the projects, as for the extensive stitch library in the back section of the book …

Because my life is insane at the moment, dealing with end-of-term frenzy, I needed to work something both small and portable – that I could take along as I dash in and out of the house, trying to be several places at the same time.

A little set of sashiko samplers seemed to be the ideal solution … a chance for me to work my way through some of those glorious patterns, without committing myself to a massive project.

So ….

Some fragments of blue cloth – denim and cotton scraps for the most part, layered over a small piece of old cotton curtain lining, and each only 3×3 inches, I tackled the first section – spirals in squares.

sashiko sampler inazuma lightning spiral

No 1: Raimon or inazuma (lightning spiral), stitched in pale blue perle

sashiko sampler masuzashi square measure

No. 2 Masuzashi (square measure sashiko) stitched in white nr 8 perle

sashiko sampler hiratsume sanmasu concentric squares

No 3 Hiratsume sanmasu (concentric squares), stitched in perle 12

sashiko sampler tsumeta boxed rice fields

No 4 Tsumeta (boxed rice fields), stitched in linen floss 3

sashiko sampler tatemimasu with hanabishizashi

No 5 Tatemimasu (upright squares) with hanabishizashi (flower diamond stitch), stitched in linen thread

sashiko sampler kumiko (lattice)

No 6 Kumiko (lattice) , stitched in cotton mending thread

I enjoyed working these …. especially the chance to work with a variety of different threads – working on so small a scale meant I felt fairly free to try different weights and textures of thread over the boro cloth. I think I liked the cotton mending thread the best …. emotionally, that felt like the most appropriate choice, too – closer to the original intent of both stitching and cloth.

I’ve put all six onto little art cards ….

sashiko samplers

Sashiko Samplers Series 1

I believe that I will give each one a little art-card plate and put them in my Etsy shop