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Fabulous finds

Making the decision to avoid using new materials and equipment, as far as possible, has thrown up some interesting challenges over the years – some I’ve solved happily, some have gone the way of ‘interim solutions’ (with varying degrees of success) and occasionally I’ve had to cave in and buy something new to fill the gap.

But, equally, over time I’ve learnt to keep my eyes open for interesting pieces – supplies, equipment, reference material and fabrics – and to grab them when I see them. I’ve also turned into the sort of person who can’t resist a good old rummage through a charity shop, car boot sale, village fair and garage sale – you never know what you might turn up!

I was having a nosy around our local charity shop – actually looking for a butterdish, since our old one met an untimely end – when I happened across these two gorgeous art-deco-ish plates in my favourite colours. And, excitement! Two embroidery hoops – unused, still with their original tags on them! I couldn’t pass up on them …. something that’ll always come in useful – especially the super-big one, which will come in handy for quilting.

The village fair last weekend didn’t look too promising, but I can never resist browsing a second-hand book stall … and found this book on printmaking – for only 50p! Bargain! It’s a wonderful reference text – clear instructions on the techniques, beautifully illustrated, and with some gorgeous photos inside. I know that it will come in useful one day … I’m already turning over a few ideas 😉

And finally, tucked away in the corner of the bric-a-brac stall, a collection of discontinued designer fabric sample books. I’m still annoyed that someone else swooped and grabbed a gorgeous book of silks while I was gathering my treasure, but I’m pretty pleased with the four I managed to snaffle … some of the upholstery fabrics might prove to be too heavy for fine work, but I’m really pleased with the little book of linen squares. And at only £2 each, that’s a fair selection of fabric 🙂

What’s your favourite recent find? I’d love to hear about it!

Spring Bags

After spending most of January on the Anthriscus project, it’s down to work with a vengeance now – I’ve got a table at a small local craft fair in May, and Flora Lou needed more stock from me. Bags is what I like ….

1) Primula Tote

This first one is a straightforward tote – recycled denim jeans in a square patchwork design, mixed with a vintage floral chintz upholstery, lined with an old cotton check shirt – the colours just worked perfectly! Fill it up with everything and take it anywhere ….

2) Anemone small tote

Almost a log cabin … the central flower came from my vintage upholstery sample stash, and the outer is recycled canvas drill, the same front and back, lined with the salvageable parts of a pale gold antique linen table cloth. It’s just *so* pretty! I love this … I might make a variation on the design as a cushion cover as well.