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Recycled fabric door hanger

Rumpus’ room is small, and he’s a terrible collector of small bits and bobs – so we end up with piles of “stuff” all around his room because there’s simply nowhere to put any more storage.

It struck me some time ago that a door hanger would do the trick – give him somewhere to stash his treasures without me going demented when I tried to clean his floor … but of course time has *always* been my enemy.

So, this weekend, I resolved that I was going to get the job done.

The whole thing is constructed from strips of his old trousers (I think I used 4 pairs in all for a piece 50cm wide x 100 cm long), and incorporates not only the fabric from the legs, but also the pockets and other details as far as possible.

I’d got stored some of his favourite t-shirts, now outgrown, a plaid flannel lumberjack shirt I’d loved him in when he was teensy, and a little white-and-silver waistcoat he’d worn when he was a pageboy at my sisters’ wedding (aged 18m!!), so I used those to make larger pockets – interfacing the t-shirts first, of course – and then double-stitching them onto the joined-together strips of trouser fabric.

I backed the whole thing onto a rather nasty piece of faded 80’s fabric my mum gave me … I wouldn’t use it for anything else, but it worked perfectly with the colours … and quilted it on (using the machine for speed, shame on me) just to strengthen the whole piece.

Four loops at the top hold the whole thing onto a set of hooks (IKEA Gruntal over-door hanger) … and there we have it.

Rumpus is thrilled with it – he loses out rather in the making stakes to the girls, so it was nice to do something specifically for him (even though I can see the shortcuts & mistakes I made as a result of going for speed over quality 😉 ). Still, I think it’s pretty cool, and I hope he doesn’t grow out of it too soon.

He has named it his “Door-drobe” – because it’s like a wardrobe, but for a door … and has already stuffed the pockets with all sorts of special *stuff* … I’m not enquiring too closely, I’ve just laid down a rule that nothing that’s either alive or wet should be stored in it.

Spring Bags

After spending most of January on the Anthriscus project, it’s down to work with a vengeance now – I’ve got a table at a small local craft fair in May, and Flora Lou needed more stock from me. Bags is what I like ….

1) Primula Tote

This first one is a straightforward tote – recycled denim jeans in a square patchwork design, mixed with a vintage floral chintz upholstery, lined with an old cotton check shirt – the colours just worked perfectly! Fill it up with everything and take it anywhere ….

2) Anemone small tote

Almost a log cabin … the central flower came from my vintage upholstery sample stash, and the outer is recycled canvas drill, the same front and back, lined with the salvageable parts of a pale gold antique linen table cloth. It’s just *so* pretty! I love this … I might make a variation on the design as a cushion cover as well.