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Anthriscus II

More work in progress for the Anthriscus piece …

With the background panel finished, it was time to start on the foreground embroidery:

The organza was just too sheer, so I replaced it with tulle … which brought its own set of problems, since the hexagonal structure was too open for the detail embroidery of the flowers themselves.

I made an ink drawing of the foreground first, and laid it underneath the tulle as a guide. The stems were straightforward enough … running stitch through the tulle, with the ends darned back in:

To make the flowers, I appliqued organza over the tulle, basting it in place …

And then for the fine embroidery … a combination of miniscule wheatear stitch, fern stitch, fly stitch and the occasional french knot … serious eye-trauma with all that translucent shimmering organza over hexagonal tulle, and back-ache to boot. But worth it, I think:

The organza got trimmed right back, and the basting stitches were removed once the flower itself was finished. There was a point where I thought I was never going to finish …. no matter how fast I embroidered, there always seemed to be a vast expanse still awaiting cover. But I got there in the end, and once I’d finished the frame with some strips of leather from an old coat, I was *so* pleased with the result.

It’s been submitted, so now I’m hanging on waiting to hear if I’ve made the exhibition. Fingers crossed.