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Very Moorish – a quilt

Very Moorish has evolved …. as I was finishing the embroidery, it struck me that the piece was a panel in something bigger …. I wasn’t sure whether to go with it as a wall-hanging of some sort, and build on the detail and create a border for it, or whether to go all out for a quilt. I just knew that it needed something around it, and that it was a panel.

So, after some digging around in reference books, humming and hawing … it’s going to be a quilt:

Not a huge quilt – it’s about 80cm x 100cm all in all, and I’ve kept the edging pretty simple with just eight black or gold panels to edge it. What I love is that the black fabric is one from my mum’s stash – it’s a piece of pretty coarsely-woven wool that she bought from the pedlar when we lived in Kuwait, so it seems somehow right that it’s ending up on this piece. The gold fabric is chenille – salvaged from an old set of cushion covers that’d seen better days.

I’m going to keep the quilting pretty simple, I think, sticking to geometrics … a mix of stars and crosses loosely based on The Breath of the Compassionate on the  black fabric – and I’m probably going to cheat and machine-quilt that sectionI’ve got some gold machine embroidery silk that I think would look just amazing.

Working off that idea, I want to stitch some kufic script into the four corners … I’m thinking that the four elements – earth, air, fire and water – would balance the quilt perfectly, but I’m still turning that one over in my mind, and, of course, trying to actually *find* the kufic script to make the design in the first place!

I’m keeping the back fairly plain – I’ve kept the central panel that’s the back of the woven front-piece, and just worked panels around in plain cotton sheeting …. another piece from the pedlar stash! The colours are toooo perfect to resist.

I’m still slip-stitching my way around this back panel … and ideas are slipping in an out of my head, but gradually firming up, the more I sew. I’m glad I’m giving myself the time to work this all the way through to its natural conclusion, rather than forcing it.