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Very Moorish – nearly done!

In the spaces left by the Easter holidays and the doom that is the fitting of the new bathroom, I have been quietly stitching away on Very Moorish. It is very nearly and almost done … and I’m getting excited!

I have kept to my simple stitch selection – herringbone, chain stitch, feather stitch, and I just love the way the stitches and the colours are holding everything together, bringing order to chaos.

I was going to turn it into another little clutch purse, but that just isn’t feeling right any more. I think it needs to be a panel within something, but what? I don’t know, yet. I shall think about it some more.

Maybe I will add a border with some text. I was thinking about sanskrit, just because I think the stylised beauty of it would fit perfectly. The only problem is that I don’t read sanskrit, so I’d worry about unintentionally making a mistake and losing my meaning. I might write some arabic instead. I’m thinking of a couple of inscriptions from the Quran, but I need to pick my words carefully, I think.

I’m undecided, too, about the spaces on the blank pieces of fabric … I’m tempted to add a design to them, but again I’m stuck – I love the fabric, so it will stand by itself.

Decision, decisions … I don’t seem to be very good at them today. I shall stitch on, and hope that the design ideas resolve themselves as I go, without pushing, without trying too hard.

What do you think I should do?

Very Moorish

Work in progress!

Getting started on my new project – another clutch purse like this oriental one in my shop. The cloth is woven from scraps of recycled fabric, and I’m going to quilt it, embroidering over the top.

This is one of the pieces I created during the cloth-to-cloth workshops over at Spirit Cloth last year …. I’m loving this technique.

The base has moved on from this picture, and now I’m starting to work on it, adding texture with the batting and quilting. Because I don’t want to distract too much from the detail of the fabric, I’m going to keep the stitching fairly simple, and I’m confining my palette of stitches to those found on moorish textiles – chain stitch &¬†herringbone, for the most part (with some variations), but worked quite densely around the star shapes (there will be more)

This is the beginning of the first star … alternating chain stitch and herringbone, worked really quite small and fine in three colours of embroidery thread.

It’s going to take quite a while, I think, but I’m really excited about how it’s going to turn out.