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Moonflower Skirt

I finished my Moonflower skirt a couple of weeks back, and finally the sun came out and I got the chance to wear it!

It’s made from recycled fabrics – the suede waistband from an old jacket, and the skirt is two different green chiffons, the cloth woven together and embroidered over.  It’s taken such a long time – over 50 hours of work in this piece of slow cloth – but I am so pleased with the result. Recycled fashion? Wearable art? What do you think of my little handmade skirt?

I’m no supermodel, but I’m quite pleased with these photos (the skirt looks good 😉 ), so thanks to my DH for doing me the favour 🙂

And for a close-up …. I love the texture of the woven-in flowers, and I’m hoping that the scalloped edges will fray out gradually to make it more of a fringe.

I’m hoping we get lots more sunshine, because I want to wear this a lot this summer! (And I think it’ll look even better once I get some tan on my legs).

Moonflower Skirt – part III

In between everything else, I am still working on the moonflower skirt:

I’m so happy with this … I love the different shapes and textures of the flowers themselves, and the embroidery is adding a wonderful extra dimension. I don’t want to get too heavy with the embroidery, and spoil the overall lightness of the skirt, so I think it works just having occasional stitching on some of them, and leaving some in place just with the invisible backstitch, and the leaves embroidered around.

I like, too, the way the embroidery is heavier at the top of the skirt, easing up as I travel down … where I’m getting gaps that need something to hold the layers in place, I’m scattering tete-de-boeuf fairly randomly to keep everything together.

I’m getting to the end stages now … I’m hoping that I’ll finish the embroidery this week, and then there won’t be much more to do in terms of final finishing. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for lots of lovely sunshine – I can’t wait to wear it!