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Tree of Life – a bespoke modern patchwork cushion

I had a lovely commission before I went away on holiday … a (belated) wedding gift. It was a fairly straightforward brief – a simple, contemporary cushion cover in white/cream tones, patchworked and quilted. The only unusual part of this bespoke cushion was that the quilting was to be in the form of a line drawing, touching on the artist Rob Pepper’s work, and that (more conventionally) the piece should incorporate their initials and the date of the wedding.

And so evolved the ‘Tree of Life’ … I didn’t want to do a straight copy of a Rob Pepper drawing, but I did want to draw on the spirit of it, but with my own twist – so my design is perhaps less free than his drawings, more stylised, but I felt it appropriate for my medium ;). I’m pretty pleased with the outcome:

Tree of Life - bespoke contemporary cushion, patchworked and hand-embroidered

The patchwork was pretty straightforward – a log cabin variation called ‘Courthouse Steps’, worked in shades of white and cream and a variety of different textures – the geometric lines of a ribbed knit, the denser structure of cotton drill, cotton voile, muslin, silks, linen and cartridge paper (which I interfaced before I started working).

 I loved it as it stood, but I decided on that patchwork structure (rather than a more romantically named block) because it supported the design best, with its strong geometric layout and the way it pulls perspective. I worked the quilting in single strand cotton embroidery yarn – a combination of cream and a dark chocolate brown (using black would have been *way* too heavy) – with gold embroidery silk (again single strand) to work the detail of their initials, wedding date and the lazy daisy stitching to set the leaves on the tree.

I’m pretty pleased with the result … and this project has inspired me to experiment more with different materials in. I already have half in my mind an idea with quilting bark onto silk, with beading …. but that’s for another day 🙂

Summer Accessories – Blush Corsages in vintage lace and cotton

One of this year’s colour themes, “blush”, gives a chic twist to ‘pretty’, with underwear becoming outerwear, glamourous and sensual. Chiffon, lace, satin ribbon, pearls, crystals, mother-of-pearl and feathers in soft natural tones of pink, rosewood, skin, cloud and cyclamen are strong features in this look, so I’ve added to my range of accessories to work with that look:

Old-fashioned charm, invoking nostalgic images of tea-dances and village garden parties, using soft creams and whites with subtle hints of colour, worked in vintage lace, broderie anglaise and scraps of ribbon – these clips work equally well in a formal setting or for a hint of glamour in everyday use.

Fabric Corsage - blush fichu antique lace

Still staying with the theme, but moving into the warmer golds and caramels of the season …

Fabric Corsages ... apricot, chocolate and cream

Flowers and butterflies, from soft and subtle golden ribbon roses to bold caramel alice bands and delicious honey-gold carnation ruffles, these accessories give a chic twist to any outfit … and they don’t need a special occasion to be enjoyed.

Fabric Corsage ... golden honey rose

You can see these and more in my Etsy shop … or if you’d like a bespoke service, please do contact me