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Eve’s Garden – boro keepsake quilt

It has been a tiring few weeks, preparing for and attending my last two craft fairs of the year, so I am glad to be back working on my boro keepsake quilt – Eve’s Garden.

The structure is all in place, the neat rows of running stitch are all done. Now I have started on the decorative hand-embroidery detailing in the spaces between …

In the borders I am using a repeated motif of stem stitch, with lasy daisy, rosette chains and web stitch interspersed, working in perle no 8 – my new favourite embroidery thread.

I have embroidered lazy daisy into the little squares where the lines of running stitch intersect … the obsession with french knots also seems to be continuing. I am trying to keep the palette of stitches fairly restricted, using them to bring order to the underlying random interweaving of the fabric.

There are more french knots and lazy daisy stitching in the central diamonds.

Still a long way to go, but progress is being made. I am hoping to finish it by Christmas, but it may take a while longer … as a piece of work I find it quite draining, so I need to break away from it every now and then to work on something more simple and smaller in scale. We shall see how those distractions work out in the next few weeks.