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Summer Accessories – Urban

A collection of summer accessories with a more urban feel, giving a darker twist to florals with smoky colours, vivid accents of colour or highlights of metal or gemstone; strong, sculptural geometric shapes that yet soften the tailored. ultrafitted look for a hint of femininity.

Summer Accessories ... dark-toned flowers with an urban edge

Versatile clips and corsages – make a bold statement with a giant stiffened silk 40’s inspired headpiece, or go for the understated elegance of the small diamante clip, and in between a dark khaki silk rosette with a dull metal button centre, a denim and tulle corsage and the filigree effect of the silver ribbon rose on an olive-green bow.

sombre, statement, lace jewellery

Vintage lace, dyed and structured and combined with vintage costume jewellery remnants to make stunning pieces of everyday jewellery. At the back, a collar in smoky grey crochet lace makes a bold statement with its spiderweb-like structure. Moving forward, an asymmetric necklet in russian blue lace on a silver chain, with a matching wrist-cuff, and more of the grey crochet, this time in a triangular ‘breastplate’ design on chunky grey vintage beads. A strip of edging lace makes a glorious beaded choker, and a section of stiffened black lace on a silver chain finishes the collection with its mesh-like florals.

 A simple, geometric messenger bag in suede and faded black denim is given an edge with a sequin trim and a modern floral lining:

 And finally … an old suit jacket is repurposed as a tote – the austere and serious pinstripe given a jolt with the vivid crimson lining and quilted rose design:

You can see these and more in my Etsy shop … or if you’d like a bespoke service, please do contact me

Upcycling at the Laundry

I’ve been hard at work in the Laundry for the past week or so, focussing on preparing a selection of stock items for the gallery – ideally, I need to be ready for the end of September, then I can keep maintaing stock levels through the busy pre-christmas period.

It’s going to be tricky, though, because I have commissions outstanding, and after next week I’ll need to stop working on stock and start on those pieces, particularly as I’ve picked up two new commissions – another tote, but in browns, and a fabric laptop/messenger bag hybrid for navigations charts and the like as a christmas present for the client’s yachtie husband. Fun! I hope I get permission to post pictures when they’re done …

The past week or so has been all about bags ….

Based on my colour scheming, I planned a couple of patchwork totes based on the ‘minerals’ theme – greys with rich jewel colours to complement/offset the neutral base.

Mineral Tote - Fuschia (2)

This selection of old, faded, worn black and grey shades of denim, corduroy and canvas looked splendid against the lush fuschia silk and pretty little floral jersey knit, and was soon whipped into this funky tote:

Magpies 006

And, whilst I was in the mood for making bags, I went on to use the remaining pieces of grey and black, adding in a knit along the way, to make another tote, this time lined with a vintage scarlet silk scarf with a lovely check through it, and a messenger bag lined with a gorgeous glazed chintz that I snagged from an interior design shop when they were off-loading samples … I wouldn’t want a curtain in it, but as a bag lining it’s fabulous, and absolutely in tune with this season’s bold floral prints. I followed that up with a pair of smaller messenger bags – one in the forest greens using camoflage-print canvas and knit, the other going off-topic a bit with navy denim and orange muslin lining. And, to finish, a tiny shoulder-bag in black denim, lined with a bold black and white floral with a fuschia highlight … how marvellous that I had some beads the exact same colour to make the strap!

Here’s the final line-up …Magpies 016