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Shabby chic blues

It’s a gift! A bespoke cushion made from old linen, with applique …. shabby chic perfect ….

This is a commissioned piece I worked recently – a gift for a new house. The recipient had just moved into an ancient cottage, and adores “shabby chic”, so this sofa pillow seemed like the perfect gift.

The body of the pillow came from an antique linen tablecloth that was beyond use, and had belonged to the client’s grandmother. The strip of blue fabric came from an old blue antimaccassar, and I appliqued the pretty blue floral (which came from a pretty little girl’s dress) with the linen heart-shaped overlay, stitched and fringed.

I adore it, and I hope the recipient did, too.

Caramel Dream

I’ve created a range of corsages and hair adornments, picking up on the soft chocolate browns and oranges that I’m seeing everywhere at the moment.

Each piece is made using salvaged fabric from old garments, pieces of vintage material and other remnants, and an assortment of costume jewellery and found beads, buttons and other objects. Just about anything that catches my Magpie eye will get used in my work, one way or another …

These hair clips incorporate broken pieces of gold dress watch chain, old copper cufflinks, an antique clock key and sequins salvaged from a dress – the spares that come in a little baggie, like you’ll ever sew them back onto the dress 😉

All the pieces in this collection are worked in a gorgeous bold vintage cotton print – overblown cabbage roses. The pattern lent itself to these floral corsages with brass buttons gleaming at their centres. The pleated hair comb is hand-beaded, using coral beads recovered from a broken necklace.

These corsages are again worked using the same vintage cotton fabric, but this time incorporating a chocolate brown knit, obtained by felting down a motheaten old sweater. This time, the flowers look more like carnations than roses, and the deliberately frayed edges of the cotton work well with the softness of the knit. The orange stone in the big chocolate knit corsage came from a vintage pendant, and the beads are again coral, and again from a broken necklace.

This set of alice bands and hair-comb was inspired by the 40’s. The fabric has been stiffened before attaching, giving an elegant, structured shape that seems to float on the hair. A hint of sparkle is added with old buttons from the almighty stash ….

I love these pieces – parting with them is so difficult! Still, I have been strong (and because I made myself realise that I’d never wear *all* of them 🙂 ), so you can see these and more in my Etsy shop … or, if you’d like a bespoke service, please do contact me