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Little Lavender Sachets

I adore the scent of lavender … it’s so clean and fresh. I keep little lavender sachets in all my drawers, and I just love the way my clothes smell when I pull them out to wear.

I’ve been making lavender sachets … using French Grosso lavender – it lasts for ages and the fragrance is particularly intense – from reclaimed scraps of fabric,  fragments of old garments, some vintage remnants, all mostly leftover from bigger projects.

I’ve made a variety of different shapes – squares, rectangles, hearts and circles …

You can see them in my Etsy store.

I’ve embellished them all … some with buttons …

Some with ribbon roses ….

Some with rosettes of ribbon, offset with a pretty button ….

Some with twists of yarn …

And even the odd pompom …

They make such wonderful little presents – if you can bear to give them away – perfect for small gifts between friends, or thank-you gifts for hostesses or teachers or anyone who has done something special for you recently.

Would you keep yours? Or who would you give it to?

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