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Elemental Quilt

Formerly known as Very Moorish ….

And because quilts change character as you work with them, and as the intention becomes more clear … so too does the name change. It might change again.

I’ve attached on the front panels, and the backing, and the wadding is nicely tucked in between. I wish I’d know when I started stitching that it was a quilt, then I wouldn’t have to work tucking the wadding neatly up to the joins so much, but it’s a minor niggle.

I love the way the stamping has turned out – I love this pattern. It’s called ‘Breath of the Compassionate’ and as I stitch I can feel the infinite inhale/exhale balanced between the stars and crosses.

I’m hand sewing … of course!! (You didn’t really think I was going to machine quilt anything, did you?!) Hand quilting takes much, much longer, but is so much more satisfying than the quick thrill of a machine buzz. I’m using single strands of alternating dull pale gold embroidery silk, and a metallic thread in the same shade of gold … I’m loving the way the two interlace with each other. Although it’s more difficult than I expected to properly manage the geometrics on this fabric, I’m still happy with the way things are going:

In the meantime, the quest for more squares of script goes on … if you know a good arabic calligrapher, you will let me know, won’t you 🙂

And for those who are as interested in such things as I am, here is the back view. I couldn’t bear to cover up the silk I used to back the piece, so I’ve worked the backing cotton around it.

Slowly, but surely, I am getting there. It is very happy-making … this quilt is fast becoming one of my favourites.