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Spring/Summer accessories – modern folk

Exuberant and creative, bold ethnic prints are mixed with modern materials to give a contemporary, urban edge. Warm hues of sunshine yellow, orange, red, chocolate, khaki and indigo combine with leather, wood, horn, enamel, semi-precious stones, aged metal, snakeskin and feathers for an eclectic and vibrant look.

Olive-green Singaporean silk is stiffened and shaped into rolls of gradually-increasing size, overlaid with a strip of khaki taffeta and accented with bold, lime-green clipped feathers.

A piece of antique crochet is dyed grey and appliqued onto a fragment of sunshine-yellow dress-lining, and finished with an aged silver chain and a vintage 80’s ethnic-style bead.

This alice-band is a rather tongue-in-cheek take on the 80’s retro look, referencing the floppy hair-bows of Madonna c.’Holiday’. The indigo denim combines a modern feel with a more folky take on the almost-significant charm-like quality of the accents on the fabric. It’s just for fun. This is my favourite, and it was quite a pang to send it off to the gallery. I’m half-hoping that it doesn’t sell, so I can have it back all for myself!

You can see these and more in my Etsy shop … or if you’d like a bespoke service, please do contact me