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Medicine Garden Easter Fair

We (Honey & I) had a lovely time at The Medicine Garden in Cobham, at their Easter Fair. The weather was wonderful – glorious sunshine and sunscreen set to max -and there was a pretty good turnout, and a lovely selection of stalls. Whilst it wasn’t my busiest ever day, we still had a great time …. and very much enjoyed the bee-keeping talk mid-way through the afternoon!

The Medicine Garden was a gorgeous venue – it’s still in development, but it’s a beautiful and peaceful space, and I loved the circular layout of the stalls – it left a huge space in the centre for children to rush about, and you could see everything wherever you were. I’m hoping they’ll run the event again next year, as we’d love to go again.

We had some lovely ‘neighbours’, too, which always helps, and I had time latger in the day for a saunter round to see who else was there.

 I adored these pictures by Katie Stewart of Hearts and Wings – so pretty with the little cutouts, and I actually ended up buying the little blue-and-white in the left corner there 🙂

Eyles and Boo are based at the Medicine Garden, and had a nice range of linen soft furnishings and accessories, and probably won the prize for the prettiest stall of the day!


I can’t even begin to tell you how much I want one of Judith Needham’s woven willow onion-shaped hideaways for my garden.

 The Secret Garden’s stall was another lovely … so many tempting garden goodies!


 The Original Home Store had a real aladdin’s cave of a stall … an eclectic mix of vintage, retro and some modern pieces. I was particularly taken with the big red bread bin (only my husband’s puzzled ‘but we already have a bread bin’ voice in my head stopped it coming home with me!)  And I did love the blue-and-white floral crockery …. but I simply don’t have the space for any more, so with deep regret it stayed put, too 🙁

And lastly, a little bit of fun from a neighbouring stallholder – Caroline Cunningham is usually a Wardrobe Wizard & Image Consultant, but she was there with her Stuffed Shirts – fun cushions from old shirts!

All in all, a fantastic day!!