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Spring Bags

After spending most of January on the Anthriscus project, it’s down to work with a vengeance now – I’ve got a table at a small local craft fair in May, and Flora Lou needed more stock from me. Bags is what I like ….

1) Primula Tote

This first one is a straightforward tote – recycled denim jeans in a square patchwork design, mixed with a vintage floral chintz upholstery, lined with an old¬†cotton check shirt – the colours just worked perfectly!¬†Fill it up with everything and take it anywhere ….

2) Anemone small tote

Almost a log cabin … the central flower came from my vintage upholstery sample stash, and the outer is recycled canvas drill, the same front and back, lined with the salvageable parts of a pale gold antique linen table cloth. It’s just *so* pretty! I love this … I might make a variation on the design as a cushion cover as well.

Shabby chic blues

It’s a gift! A bespoke cushion made from old linen, with applique …. shabby chic perfect ….

This is a commissioned piece I worked recently – a gift for a new house. The recipient had just moved into an ancient cottage, and adores “shabby chic”, so this sofa pillow seemed like the perfect gift.

The body of the pillow came from an antique linen tablecloth that was beyond use, and had belonged to the client’s grandmother. The strip of blue fabric came from an old blue antimaccassar, and I appliqued the pretty blue floral (which came from a pretty little girl’s dress) with the linen heart-shaped overlay, stitched and fringed.

I adore it, and I hope the recipient did, too.