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Baby keepsake quilt

Another baby keepsake quilt … this time a cot-sized darling for a little boy ….

baby keepsake quilt

All worked in simple six-inch squares, I used a mix of salvaged denim, aged and supersoft from use and many washings, and lovely fresh cotton upcycled from men’s shirts, with a little vintage linen from an old napkin added into the mix.

Because the fabrics were so plain and simple, I thought it needed a little more quilting than a straightforward in-the-ditch outlining of the squares …. initially, I thought I’d do an old-fashioned diamond pattern, but as I was chalking it out, I loved the chevron pattern so went with that – I love the way the bold white stitching brings it all together.

And, of course, baby’s name and date-of-birth hand-embroidered onto the central panel …. I do this on a hoop before I add the square into the quilt.

I had to compromise a little and use polyester fleece for the backing, as I couldn’t get the hemp fleece I prefer in this gorgeous dark blue. It’s much less nice to work than the hemp, but the colours were so right with the quilt. And I keep trying to find an earth- friendly alternative to satin ribbon that looks as good, but haven’t yet. I do have a huge stash of vintage ribbon, but, sadly, nothing in the right colour for this quilt.

(and, yes, that is a grasshopper. and, no, I don’t know how it got there!)

All done, and off to its new home …. I’ve since heard that it’s been hung in the stairwell, and that just makes me feel all warm and smooshy inside.

Little people love

I’ve just become an auntie! (again!) …. I’m so excited … a new baby in the family is a wonderful gift.

Which gives me the perfect excuse for showcasing a small selection of handmade loveliness for the small people in our lives ….

Of course, when our little bundles of joy arrive, we want to tell everyone all about it … these wondeful birth announcement cards from The Spotted Sparrow make a nice change from teddy bears and pink butterflies

I’ve been a huge fan of MooCowHandKnits over on Etsy for a couple of years now … I could quite happily clear out her shop. So I’m particularly thrilled that she’s now got MooCowBabyKnits – wonderful, snuggly style for small people. This oatmeal cardigan (and the matching booties that I couldn’t resist) would make the perfect gift:

I met Katie Stewart of Hearts and Wings at the Medicine Garden craft fair a couple of months ago, and simply adore her quirky and beautiful pictures. I thought this one would look perfect in a baby boy’s nursery ….

For something practical, beautiful, and totally custom-made for that new and unique little person, Shabby Neesy Quilts over on Folksy┬áis all sorts of wonderful … I love these custom-made quilts for babies:

And for heart-melting cuteness, I couldn’t resist including Cazhoffy’s super-wondeful whale-print baby booties:


Now for the tricky part …. deciding which one to actually choose!