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Take a Stitch Tuesday 2012 – 01 Fly Stitch

I’m participating in the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge for this year, and the first stitch for 2012 was fly stitch. *happy sigh*

I’ve used fly stitch before, and I think it’s a great stitch for natural forms … here it is in my Anthriscus piece, massed and layered:

And I used it again in my boro moonflower skirtĀ  to create a more chain-mail sort of effect with stitch.

With the Take A Stitch challenge, I hadn’t really set myself any parameters before I started … just setting an intention to explore the stitch in whatever way appealed to me at the time – whether that be a straightforward band sampler exploring variations, or something with a little more in the way of a narrative.

And while I was mulling what to do with this week’s challenge, my eye was caught whilst taking the children to school, with the sun just coming up, and bare-branched trees sihouetted against a vivid sky. And then I noticed the gorse on the heath, and the stiff stands of dried grass by the roadside … and I had a starting point.

As a starting point, I pulled a small strip of black lace, and some sheer sari chiffon from teh stash, and fused them onto a piece of scrap cotton – old curtain lining, and then away I went.

Starting with the trees, layered fly stitch in different sizes, a mix of perle 8, and stranded cotton from 3 down to single strands, in stark black ….

Then onto the gorse … a broad skeleton of fly stitches, then worked over the top of those lines in massed, layered and minute fly stitch …

In hindsight, I wish I’d stuck with just black for this, with the grey highlights … I’m not sure about that green – I think it disturbs the balance of the image, butĀ  I chose it because I thought the black would get lost against the lace, but now … well … there you go.

And the grasses …

A tale of two perles … 5 and 12.

I think overall I’m pretty pleased with this …