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Ponies! (Yes, it’s a quilt)

It’s nice to be able to do something different … I think because I make so many keepsake quilts from clothes, it gets lost sometimes that I’m more than happy to make bespoke quilts from regular fabrics as custom orders ….

And so it was that I was asked if I could make a ponies-themed quilt …. subtle greens, and not too girly or cartoony.

The first step is always to find the fabrics …. and it was surprisingly difficult to find pony fabric that wasn’t either ‘My Little Pony’ pink or very ‘lifelike’ illustrations. (Nothing wrong with either of those things, just not what we wanted for this quilt!)

But eventually we found this Wintery Horse embroidered panel (from NorthernRose on Etsy)

and this lovely lawn fabric called ‘Wild Horses’ by Bizzy  and Boo fabrics …. it’s a bit lightweight for quilting, but some light iron-on Vilene sorted that out ….

and then we tied them all together with this bundle of fat quarters from Bluenaboo

very pretty, and only the tiniest hint of a floral going on …

We kept the individual squares quite large, and mixed the greens in with the wild horses ….

It’s always a bit nerve wracking trying to colour match on the internet, as you’re never quite sure whether the colours you think will work together actually do …. but for the most part this was a success. There was only one – the solid green – that didn’t fit and luckily I had another green fat quarter in stash (as you do 😉 ) that worked very nicely ….

from there, backing, and a simple-looking (not so simple to execute!) spiral quilting pattern, and we were all done …

Where it hopefully made a smallish girl very happy at Christmas!

Second time around … a wedding dress quilt

A couple of years ago I made a wedding dress quilt for a very lovely lady and all was well.

She subsequently moved abroad, and in all the upheaval, the one box that went missing in the move was the box of treasures … not only with her quilt, but also her childhood teddy bear.

Other than having a good sympathetic cry about the bear, there wasn’t much I could do about that …. however, because the quilt had been small, and the dress had a gorgeously long train, she’d kept the leftovers after the first quilt …. so we had enough dress left to re-create the quilt. Huzzah! Not exactly the same, but close enough in size and style that it would be a good replacement.

wedding dress quilt

The first job, always, is deconstruction …. and from there it was obvious that we wouldn’t have enough fabric to replicate exactly the original piecing layout of interlocking full-length triangles in a 120cm square …. so I adapted it to incorporate smaller triangles, and made it slightly less wide …

wedding dress quilt design

Paper piecing …. normally a joy, but with satin …. not so much – it’s so very slippery. I may* have called it the spawn of satan on more than one occasion ….

wedding dress quiltbut we generally get there in the end …

wedding dress quilt

It only all really starts to come together once the quilting goes in, especially with satin as it creases so easily (sigh).

Working on these always remind me of those 1930’s quilted satin bedspreads ….  LOVE them so much.

wedding dress quilt

Although the piecing had kind of a deco feel, we’d gone for a more classical feel for the quilting – picking up on Regency designs (but with little twists to incorporate some personal motifs, just for the fun of it). I tend to take a sectional approach, even with this (very) free motion work, particularly with satin, because no matter how well you think you’ve got it basted, it does creep once you start working with it. So I find structuring the quilting process and (mostly) working from the centre out gives me the time to smooth out & re-baste as needed.

wedding dress quilt

No frinkles here, tyvm …. and the space fills surprisingly quickly with the wandering vines.

wedding dress quilt

A slightly wider binding than normal, so that I could embroider names and dates into it along the bottom edge.

wedding dress quilt

I think little mousie was my favourite little detail ….

wedding dress quilt

although I’ve never been asked for a moose before ……. he’s hiding in there, somewhere ….

wedding dress quilt

And that’s it ….

wedding dress quilt

And off it’s gone, home for Christmas (aren’t we all?!)

If I don’t speak to you before then, I hope you all have a very happy and peaceful time … and that Santa brings you just exactly what you needed 🙂

Lucy x