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It has been a tiring couple of months … I hugely enjoyed the cloth-to-cloth workshop, but it has really sapped my energy. So I’ve retreated from the intensity of the slow cloth process &Ā focussed on some smaller, simpler pieces to replenish both my own ceative energy, and the pieces I sold at the craft fair last weekend. Just pulling small scraps of this and that out of the various boxes and matching them up together is soothing, and not too emotionally demanding … until it comes to using a piece that I’ve been hoarding (like the button in the third picture).

Therefore, little embellished lavender pillows:

Denim heart, with couched on costume jewellery beads

Grey serge, with lilac pompom (and why not šŸ˜‰ )

Latvian linen, with glorious vintage button and scraps of yarn and raffia. I love that button.

Toile de jouy linen with vintage button and gold ribbon loop

Worn and washed




(click on the picture for a link)

I recently acquired a bundle of Kim Porter’s ‘worn and washed’ fabrics … a little bit of an indulgence, but I thought these fabrics would work perfectly for the summer craft fair I’m doing – a little bit of a cheat, but the maths works out and it’s still in keeping with my intention to avoid using new material in my work.

The size of these pieces makes them perfect for lavender pillows (amongst other things), and I’ve scored a big saving on time in deconstruction and laundering, so I was able to get straight to work:

I didn’t use anything like the whole bundle, but I’ve got 40 shells in various shapes and sizes, and Honey and I had a lovely time together – she stuffed the lavender into them, and I slip-stitched them all closed. My attic studio smells absolutely heavenly!

(btw, IĀ use dried french lavender from DAISYSHOPSĀ – they have a great range of dried lavender and also stock other home fragrance/craft supplies of dried flowers)

Now I can get on with the fun part – embellishing!

The lavender pillows are pretty as they are, but I love giving them my own little twist, using up the various scraps and bits and pieces of buttons, ribbon, beads and other found objects – nothing new here, all ‘recycled’ from finished garments and the spares attached to new garments and never used.

Still a way to go … and along the way, lots of fingers crossed for a gorgeous sunny day on May 21st.