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A couple of quilts

Keep your fingers crossed …. last time I was here I broke my website and it took 2 hours of tech support to mend it together like new, so I’m a bit nervous.

I spent most of the summer playing, and not completing a huge amount of anything …. but I’ve got back to work in September with the new term, and a pair of little quilts as a nice introduction back into things.

The first was a small cot-bed ‘in memory’ quilt …..
memory quilt

We kept it all fairly simple and straightforward ….. but I just loved all those tartans and used them as the inspiration for the quilting pattern ….

tartan quilt

I thought it made a pretty cool trellis effect when it was done …
tartan trellis quilting

And so …. all done and dusted and ready to go home 🙂

tartan memory quilt

And on to the next one … a bed runner this time, but from little boy baby clothes ….

baby clothes memory quilt

loads of gorgeous little details to be included here …. not just the pockets and logos and motifs from favourite clothes, but some additional blocks to make up to incorporate little details like the waistcoat & bow-tie of the vampire onesie and an applique teddy-bear hat.

Throw in a little hand-embroidery ….
chain stitch name

And some simple but fun tramline quilting in a cheerful yellow

tramline quilting

And I think it all comes together in something that will be comfortable and well loved for a long time to come ….

baby clothes bed runner

A rugby shirt keepsake quilt

I think I mentioned in my last post that I was working on a rugby shirt keepsake quilt??

Well …. it’s all finished and gone home now 🙂Rugby shirts

It’s really quite satisfying to take a big untidy stack of shirts and reduce them all into neat little pieces ….

Rugby Shirts (2)


It’s a little bit counter-intuitive quilting this way – normally you’d have a pattern and match the fabric and shapes to the pattern. For these quilts, the starting point for the design is always once the pieces are cut – I try to go with an even number from each shirt, and then balance them all out in a design – but there always seems to be at least one ‘problem child’ – either a colour or pattern that doesn’t work with the rest.

rugby shirt keepsake quilt

plus with these quilt, keeping logos and shirt numbers is hugely important, so you never get to work with regular sizes …. so even once you’ve got a layout, figuring out the order for piecing it all together can be a bit of a challenge!

rugby shirt keepsake quilt

but we generally manage to get there in the end 🙂

We decided on a fairly simple quilting pattern for this one – something suitable manly, and with the diamond grid I’ve used here, it echoes the stitching often seen on the reinforced shoulders of rugby shirts. And as there was a strong connection here to the England rugby team, we went with patriotic red, white and blue for the quilting thread.

rugby shirts (3)

And a nice navy blue to finish everything off nicely ….

rugby shirt keepsake quilt

A huge part of what makes these quilts so special to me, and why I love making them so much, is getting responses like this to them:

” still can’t believe it – I really can’t. I have been sitting, in tears, admiring and looking and words just fail me. Fail me. I have never seen anything more beautiful.”
I can’t tell you how amazing that makes me feel … it’s what it’s all about for me and to get a wonderful response to a quilt like that gets me all choked up. I think I have the best job in the world.