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Patchwork cushions – triangle block variations

It seems like AGES ago I started my ‘in my own time’ mission to work my way through all 100 blocks in this book:

But I had a little moment in between commissions and thought I’d pick up and work on the next block in the book …. the ‘Streak O Lightning’ …

patchwork cushions

Triangles, huh? I haven’t done a huge amount of triangles before, so it had an added bonus of being a fun way to expand my repertoire of blocks …. some, I guess, will eventually become quilts, some may not. But I thought that this one would be ideally suited to make up intoย  patchwork cushions, maybe with a little quilting …

patchwork cushion

I like this pattern …. it really deceives the eye, so that it appears you’re looking at strips in a chevron pattern, not triangles ….

patchwork cushion

and it madeup into a pretty cool cushion, too …. I do love the combination of old denim with the fresh floral vintage cotton …..

So, while I was playing with triangles, I thought I’d go off topic a little and make up another block …. this one isn’t in the book, but I couldn’t resist some Flying Geese ….

patchwork cushion

Even though the dark olive of the recycled jeans picks up on the leaves in that vintage floral, I wasn’t, initially, convinced that is was right – I worried that it was too dark ….

patchwork cushion

….. but the more I did, the more I liked …. on the back I’ve run a strip of the floral across, and those vintage pink buttons really go ‘pow’!

patchwork cushion

and once it was quilted, and all plump and gorgeous with its cushion inside, I really fell for it ๐Ÿ™‚

I was having so much fun at this point, that I thought ‘why not do another one’? Why not? So I did!

A star, this time …. very classic, and in pretty fresh pinks …. an outbreak of girly that the littlest nestling wholeheartedly approved.

patchwork cushion

I loved the strip across the back in the previous cushion, so I did the same here ….

patchwork cushion

Three buttons to finish this time! I love the green one in the middle ….

patchwork cushion

so I put another little purple one in the middle ….

And then there were three patchwork cushions …. all looking very pretty in the sunshine ๐Ÿ™‚

patchwork cushion

But I think they would like a home of their own …. they’re sitting pretty in my Etsy shop now (or, of course, I could make one up especially for you, in your choice of colours or using a small selection of your own precious clothes – do get in touch!!)


Blue Denim crazy scrap patchwork cushion

A little while ago, I made a rail fence quilt out of scraps of denim and cotton …. and generated a whole new pile of (smaller) scraps. I really hate to throw scraps out, until they get down to the ‘loose collection of disintegrating threads measurable in microns’ level at any rate, so I thought I’d just piece together some of what was left over, just as it came, to make a crazy scrap patchwork cushion ….

scrap patchwork cushion

I liked all the random angles …. but it did need something to hold it all together, so I added batting and backing, and free-motion quilted it in a flowing ‘wisteria leaf’ pattern …..

blue denim scrap patchwork cushion

Trimmed down to 40×40 cm, I had enough of the blue sheet I used to back the quilt left to make an envelope fastening …. and totally cheated by using the existing hem …. the buttons are vintage fabric buttons in a glorious turquoise-y-blue.

denim scrap patchwork cushion

And ta-da …. the finished cushion ….. which is now happily residing in its new home in San Diego – I’m guessing it’s a tad warmer than I am!

I really loved the wisteria leaf pattern I used for the quilting …. the silver thread looked especially delicious against that soft blue sheet …

free motion quilting

so I got the tiniest bit carried away with it, and used the last of that lovely blue sheet to make another pair of plain blue cushions …. just fabric and quilting ….

quilted cushion blue

And the same on the back, the edges enclosed in a little bit of vintage blue ribbon, and finished off with vintage silvery buttons ….

Qulted cushion blue (4)

They are ever-so-very dreamy ….

quilted cushion

And really need a boudoir to adorn ….. or a chaise longe in a reading nook …. or somewhere equally tranquil …..

Can you give them a home? They’re waiting for you in my Etsy store ….