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Wedding Ring Bearer Pillows

I made a bride cry …..

Luckily, in a good day 🙂

A pair of wedding ring bearer pillows ….

wedding ring bearer pillow

For her …… white satin, overlaid with a little vintage embroidered lace, and embellished with a little bouquet of silk flowers in one corner, and tiny little ribbon roses in the other ….

Julia (12)

and for him ….. something a little bit different …. we originally discussed using black braid for the design on his ring pillow – something a  little bit gothik, a little bit medieval in feel – to reflect both their interests and the wedding theme, but sticking to their colours of white, burgundy and black. Anyway…. when I saw that black chain, all thought of braid disappeared out of my head – and I’m so pleased that the bride agreed (I love it when I get things right!) ….. a couple of little silk flowers (black and gold roses, not too un-manly, I think 😉 ) and the ribbon in the centre – just to make sure that if the little ring-bear has a moment and drops the pillow, the rings won’t disappear off under a chair or down a grate somewhere!

Julia (14)


I do think they look lovely together …….

And I had huge fun making them – it was nice to get all embellishy on a small scale. I might make  some more ……

Terrys Fabrics cushion challenge – a pair of patchwork quilted cushions


What a thrill! I was invited by the nice people at Terrys Fabrics to take part in their “unleash your creativity” cushion challenge ….

I and a group of other craft bloggers were all sent a couple of pieces of their fabrics, and asked to make cushions from them ….. this gorgeous lime green/chartreuse spot (dotty in lime) looks so good with the leaf pattern (autumn leaves in lime).

patchwork quilted cushion

I played around with a few ideas, but narrowed it down to a couple of designs I really liked …. I knew I wanted to do patchwork quilted cushions, so it was a question of picking a block that would work with 2 fabrics, and with the scale on the leaf pattern …

patchwork quilted cushion

I was thrilled when I worked out I had enough fabric to make up both! I liked the star, but was a bit anxious about whether the central seam was going to come up too bulky, with the relatively heavy curtain fabric ….

Only one way to find out ….

patchwork quilted cushion

(I draw the blocks out to size, then use pattern paper to make the template pieces, with a 1/4″ seam allowance)

patchwork quilted cushion

I do love this block – the lemon star (apparently) – I think it might be featuring in a quilt fairly soon!

Piecing done, and on to the quilting …. I liked the idea of working with the suggestion of floral in the pattern and fabrics ….

patchwork quilted cushion

And I really love this radiating, repeating leaf motif, free-motioned freehand ….

patchwork quilted cushion

It works so well on the cushion …..

patchwork quilted cushion

and I just love how it adds interest to the back, as well …..

And so, on to the second block, a more simple diamond …..

patchwork quilted cushion

which I echoed in the quilting ….

patchwork quilted cushion

and into the back, as well, so that there’s a diamond opening up from the closure …

patchwork quilted cushion

very simple, but very effective, I thought?

Now I just have to decide which one I like the best ….

patchwork quilted cushion

I think the star might just shade it, but it’s really too close to call …..

and both will shortly be available in my Etsy store …. grab ’em while they’re hot?!