Wedding Ring Bearer Pillows

I made a bride cry …..

Luckily, in a good day :-)

A pair of wedding ring bearer pillows ….

wedding ring bearer pillow

For her …… white satin, overlaid with a little vintage embroidered lace, and embellished with a little bouquet of silk flowers in one corner, and tiny little ribbon roses in the other ….

Julia (12)

and for him ….. something a little bit different …. we originally discussed using black braid for the design on his ring pillow – something a  little bit gothik, a little bit medieval in feel – to reflect both their interests and the wedding theme, but sticking to their colours of white, burgundy and black. Anyway…. when I saw that black chain, all thought of braid disappeared out of my head – and I’m so pleased that the bride agreed (I love it when I get things right!) ….. a couple of little silk flowers (black and gold roses, not too un-manly, I think ;-) ) and the ribbon in the centre – just to make sure that if the little ring-bear has a moment and drops the pillow, the rings won’t disappear off under a chair or down a grate somewhere!

Julia (14)


I do think they look lovely together …….

And I had huge fun making them – it was nice to get all embellishy on a small scale. I might make  some more ……

Baby Girl keepsake quilt – the floral one

I don’t know how it is for you, but this time of year always seems to be insanely busy for me – I’ve spent the last month feeling as though I’ve been doing nothing but chase my own tail – round in circles, never making progress, always running. But finally – a little breathing space and some time to catch up. I’ve got my coffee on the go ….

I’ve had huge fun with this single bed baby girl clothes keepsake quilt – it might just win my personal award for the cutest quilt, EVAH.

Rosie's Quilt - the finished quilt (9) baby girl keepsake quilt

I mean, who can resist all those ice-cream pastels, pugs, mousies AND Hello Kitty?

It was a little bit of a challenge, and hugely time-consuming, because I was asked to make the piecing ‘random’. Random is hard for me, because I just want to make patterns …… so the simplest way seemed to be to divide it up into 12″ square blocks, and make each block different. Of course, that’s a challenge in itself, to try to avoid repeating a block pattern, but still make sure that there are no clashes in colour and pattern …. and it takes a heck of a lot longer, needing to create each block individually, rather than cut a pile of pieces all the same, stack ‘em up and whack ‘em together ;-)

baby girl keepsake quilt

so pretty! Pugs! Pink! Petals! Pastels! squeeeeeeeeeeeee

and a little embroidery …..

baby girl keepsake quilt

baby girl keepsake quilt

the whole sheboodle ….. the random is working ….. and of course, it gave the opportunity to vary up the piece sizes to include all the little details like the motifs, pockets, buttons and plackets. At this point, the littlest nestling was a very unattractive shade of envy-green, and wondering where *her* quilt might be. (one day, darling, I promise).

And onwards with the quilting …. a reprise of the flower motif from the little pinks quilt which the client had seen and loved ….

baby girl keepsake quilt

Using the most luscious threads ….

Rosies Quilt - quilting colours

For backing, the client had sent through some fabulous Laura Ashley linen – to co-ordinate with the rest of her little girl’s soft furnishings (oh be still, my beating heart) – it worked fabulously well with the quilt, too …

baby girl keepsake quilt

we dithered around with binding choices …. but in the end went with a pale pistachio green solid alternated with a gingham in the same shade ….

and a little cushion as well ….

baby girl keepsake cushion

buttons from one of the dresses to close ….

Rosie's Quilt - the finished quilt (5)

and all done …..

baby girl keepsake quilt

sugar and spice and all things nice :-)