Happy New Year

It’s been a busy year here at the Laundry …. I really don’t know where the year has gone, but it’s been a good one, and I’m looking forward to whatever 2015 brings.

I’ve had an awful lot of fun! And, looking back, I always seem to have done more than I thought. I do so love this limbo time between the years, when you get that pause for breath and everything exhales and relaxes, ready to draw in and face what the next year brings.  It’s such a valuable time, a chance to give the past a nod of acknowledgement, whilst preparing to move forward again.

The biggest thing for me was the construction of my new studio …..

07 - Done (3)Moving out from my small and cramped little space into this big bright space has made a huge difference – it’s so nice to have everything on hand, and not to be constantly rummaging all over the house to find things!

It’s been a productive year …. I have absolutely loved working with precious wedding dresses ….

Lera's Quilt (5) DSC_0354 wedding dress keepsake quilt wedding dress keepsake

and baby clothes ……

baby girl keepsake quilt baby girl keepsake cushion Baby clothes keepsake memory quilt Lucie's Quilt - finished (3)

and transforming some special memories into quilts …..

keepsake quilt rugby shirt keepsake quilt Ash - quilt 2 - complete (2) Ash - quilt 1 - complete (2)

And then there’s the other odds and ends …. ring bearer pillows, cushions and lavender hearts ….

Julia (12) wedding ring bearer pillowDSC_0370 DSC_0335and book cover illustrations ….

The Other Half - prelim sketches (2)

And the couple of quilts I managed to squeeze in for myself ….

Firebird Quilt - complete (1)


Finished! (2)












and playing with ideas and embroidery ….

stitched zentangle stitched zentangle stitched zentangle



DSC_0379 Til Death - Block 5 (Jake) (3) DSC_0455







Thank you for following my blog and all your kind comments and support over the year. I’d like to wish you a very happy 2015 – may it bring you everything you hope for.

A keepsake memory quilt for a little girl

After a couple of projects I was asked not to share, it’s lovely to be back, and with a gorgeous quilt (if I do say so myself ;-) ).

This time, a keepsake memory quilt for a little girl, made from her baby clothes ….. lots of fresh, pretty colours to work with ….

Baby clothes keepsake memory quilt

The beginning always feels like a herculean task …. for a twin (single) bed size of quilt, 208 4.5″ squares are needed ….. and when I’m dealing with sleepsuits in stretch jersey, that means that the vast majority of them need to be interfaced first ……

Baby clothes keepsake memory quilt

But we get there in the end, and then it’s a matter of arranging them all ….. this is the tricky part!  And this time I was asked for a random layout with no obvious pattern to it – which presents its own challenges. The simplest way, I’ve found, is to sort all the pieces into lights, darks, and mediums (pieces that could be light or dark, depending on positioning), and take it from there.

Baby clothes keepsake memory quilt

Not all pinks are equal, so not all pinks will sit happily next to each other, and with this quilt there were some strong contrast pieces , so it took a fair while to arrive at a happy balance. But once we got there, it went quite quickly …

Baby clothes keepsake memory quilt

I make the individual squares up into 12″ blocks, and then piece the blocks together … over time, I’ve found it’s the method that works best for me ….

Baby clothes keepsake memory quilt

Blocks and blocks …..

Baby clothes keepsake memory quilt

Until we have a complete quilt top …. and on to backing, batting and basting. I use a temporary fabric adhesive spray to hold everything together, and then run a basting line with the machine at 12″ intervals vertically and horizontally to hold everything in place before I start into the quilting …..

Baby clothes keepsake memory quilt

This time, an all over meandering stipple …. fairly large scale, because we wanted to end up with a fairly soft, puffy quilt ….

Baby clothes keepsake memory quilt

A simple foldover binding, and an edging of hot fuschia-pink ribbon, and we’re done.

Years and years of happy snuggles …..