Happy New Year? W-I-P and a sorry

I’m probably a bit late on this …  but …. Happy New Year!!!

(and my apologies for not posting for so long, and effectively falling off the face of the earth for a while. My New Year’s resolution is to try to be a better blogger!!)

I’ll try to catch you up on everything I’ve been doing …. there were a lot of quilts last year, and time became my biggest enemy (and failing at my attempt to become superwoman didn’t help much, either 😉 ) Some, alas, may be lost to all but their current owners, as there was an ‘incident’ before Christmas with my SD card …. it was borrowed by the oldest nestling for a GCSE Art photogaphy project, and hasn’t been seen since. I suppose I should take some of the responsibility, since I’d been slack in the uploading-photos-to-laptop department :-(

In the meantime, here’s a quick shot of what I’m doing now ….

Rugby shirts

Deconstructing a stack of rugby shirts ….

Rugby Shirts (2)

Cutting them nicely into pieces – I’m working off a 5″ square grid here, scaling up as necessary to take in important logos, numbers, etc

rugby shirts (1)

and fitting them nicely together ….

rugby shirts (3)

the quilting is going on …. a geometric diamond grid of 5″ squares in red, white and blue. It’s just about done now – the binding just needs to be stitched down.

Elsewhere ….

I have this little nasty to deal with. It’s not the end of the world, more like a curve ball, but it’s still a little scary. Fingers crossed that a single surgery will see it off?


And the dog continues to be horrified by the cat’s outrageous behaviour …


I hope 2016 brings you all you hope for!

Now – I have 25-odd feet of binding to hand-stitch down, so if you’ll excuse me?




A keepsake quilt for a little girl

I know I make a fair few keepsake quilts from baby clothes, but it’s an activity (for me at least!) that just never gets old …. each one is different, unique in its own way, and always something special – to me, as well as to the family it will go home to.

baby clothes keepsake quilt

It always starts with the clothes …… the darling assortment of sleepsuits, t-shirts, dresses and trousers that come (often) from that precious first year of life . The works begins …. carefully deconstructing everything, interfacing all that cotton jersey, and cutting the squares (with variations to include the cute little motifs, of course).

baby clothes keepsake quilt

Once all the pieces are cut, there’s a lot of crawling around on the floor …. figuring out the best layout ….. sometimes it takes a while to work out the best combination of colours, patterns and tones. This is where it’s most different from ‘regular’ patchwork, where you know when you start exactly which fabrics you’re going to use, and how much of each you need to achieve the design you want. Here, you start with the fabrics, you often have irregular numbers of each piece, and there will always, always, be that one fabric or pattern or colour that won’t sit happily. But we get there in the end …..

baby clothes keepsake quilt

let the piecing commence ….. when faced with putting together 200-odd 4 inch squares, chain piecing is my favourite and my best ….



Alex's Quilt (11)

it all comes together, slowly but surely ….

baby clothes keepsake quilt

until we have a finished quilt top …. (I can’t tell you how much I love that sheep!)

baby clothes keepsake quilt

quilting time ….. this time, a meandering pattern of loops and hearts ….

baby clothes keepsake quilt

until (voila!) it’s done, and bound, and ready to go home ….

baby clothes keepsake quilt

Where it will enjoy (I hope) many years of happy snuggles :-)