I was taught to sew, embroider and knit by my grandmother and mother …. but it wasn’t until I had children of my own that my interest in sewing, and more specifically in patchwork and quilting, became an obsession.

I adore fabric – the colours, the patterns, the textures, and am the most dreadful magpie, hoarding all my shiny little sentimental treasures …. but with children taking up so much space in my heart, all those treasures started taking over – the little clothes, especially – each and every one of them a special moment in our relationship, in our life together as a family, a little milestone, a special family event. How could I bear to throw them away?

So I made a quilt from them. And I saw that it was good, and I loved the process. So I made another one ….. and it was better. The bug had bitten ….. and I worked and practiced and experimented …. and the day came when friends and family started asking for quilts …. and everything has snowballed from there. Sometime I look back over the last 15 years, and I can’t believe how incredibly lucky I am, to be here doing what I love the best, and, best of all, passing on that gift of a quilt – love and work and memories wrapped up in a hug – to others.

Take a peek in my gallery to see what I’ve already done, or have a look here for more information about my keepsake quilting or catch up with me on my blog (feel free to comment – I love hearing from you!!) or, if you’d like to create a keepsake of your own, use the form below to send me an email ….



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