Work in Progress Wednesday

It’s all go round here … I seem to be in a phase where I have several projects of varying complexity on the go at any one time, so I thought I’d use the traditional medium of “Work in Progress Wednesday” to share some of them with you …

A couple of years ago, I made a wall-hanging wedding dress quilt for a customer who subsequently moved to the States …. sadly, her quilt was in the box that was lost in the move. The one good thing is that we had saved what remained of her dress, so I’m working now to recreate her quilt – with some tweaks to compensate for having so much less fabric to work with. This is the first half of it – I do love the deco feel to it …. and paper-piecing the whole business does mean that the satin is marginally less evil to work with!

wedding dress quilt epp

Running alongside this, I’m making a special quilt for a couple of friends …. they’ve been off travelling India, South East Asia and Australia (an awfully big adventure!) – and on their travels they collected fabric …. now it’s on me to put them all together to make a quilt. With so many different styles and colours, the layout was a bit tricky, but I’m really happy with this  – making half-square triangles with a plain ivory cotton, and then nesting them into concentric diamonds has worked out so well – nice separation of colours where it’s needed. and (I think) a modern, contemporary feel to it as well.

HST adventure quilt

I had some scraps to use up (shocker!), so I put together a little log-cabin cushion cover ….. a full size log cabin quilt is still on my to-do list, but I suspect that way insanity lies, so it will have to wait its turn!

quilted log cabin cushio

And on to the final one! This is a Christmas present commission … so ssssshhhhh, okay? I started this one last week when I was stricken by the zombie cold (you know the one – shivers, congestion, insomnia, blurry head) and incapable of complex thought – there’s something very soothing about stitching together 8″ squares!!! And, I have to say, it was really nice to be working on a custom piece using quilting cotton, with no interfacing or other compensating for differing fabric weights etc involved! It was good fun to just need to mix in a fat quarter bundle with the pony fabric we’d started from 🙂

pony quilt

Oh, and while we’re talking about Christmas, there’s a bit of a craze for these candle-wreaths going on at the moment, so of course I had to give it a go!! I had some christmas fabrics on hand (I can’t remember why, now) and thought this project would be a good way to use them up – but of course,I didn’t have quite enough, and they didn’t all work nicely together – so I had to get some more. And now I have more Christmas fabric than I did when I started. *sigh*

christmas origami candle wreath


Still, it keeps me off the streets and out of trouble!

I hope you’re all keeping warm – it’s definitely turned chilly here! (And, as the littlest nestling reminded me this very morning, it’s only 53 days to Christmas! Yikes!)

Until next time ….

Lucy x

A couple of quilts

Keep your fingers crossed …. last time I was here I broke my website and it took 2 hours of tech support to mend it together like new, so I’m a bit nervous.

I spent most of the summer playing, and not completing a huge amount of anything …. but I’ve got back to work in September with the new term, and a pair of little quilts as a nice introduction back into things.

The first was a small cot-bed ‘in memory’ quilt …..
memory quilt

We kept it all fairly simple and straightforward ….. but I just loved all those tartans and used them as the inspiration for the quilting pattern ….

tartan quilt

I thought it made a pretty cool trellis effect when it was done …
tartan trellis quilting

And so …. all done and dusted and ready to go home 🙂

tartan memory quilt

And on to the next one … a bed runner this time, but from little boy baby clothes ….

baby clothes memory quilt

loads of gorgeous little details to be included here …. not just the pockets and logos and motifs from favourite clothes, but some additional blocks to make up to incorporate little details like the waistcoat & bow-tie of the vampire onesie and an applique teddy-bear hat.

Throw in a little hand-embroidery ….
chain stitch name

And some simple but fun tramline quilting in a cheerful yellow

tramline quilting

And I think it all comes together in something that will be comfortable and well loved for a long time to come ….

baby clothes bed runner