Thursday wanderings

Here we are again … I’m increasing the amount of time I’m able to spend in the studio slowly but surely and starting to feel like I’m getting a bit of a spring back in my step – finally I feel like I’m able to look forward again.

So having gone from the tears of frustration of a couple of weeks ago when it took me two hours to achieve this much …

Ohio depression (3)


I was able this week to go from this:


to this:


in about twenty minutes. It felt so good!


I’m making some serious progress on this quilt now – it’s a mash up of a ‘depression’ block and ‘ohio star’ …

Ohio depression (4)

But in my head it’s the ‘Wedgewood’ quilt, just because of those blues 🙂

Elsewhere, I’m making some progress on the knitted blanket squares, starting to join them together ….


And I’m adding some new skills to my repertoire along the way, as I’m using a single braid crochet (god bless youtube) to join them together …


I’ve started work on another Hap … the Uncia this time ….


a lot of new things in here – including cabling, which I’ve never done before (and yes, it is making me slightly crazed).

But otherwise, my mission for the summer really is just to regroup, gather myself, and try to clear some of the backlog of unfinished projects so that once the children go back to school in September, I’m ready to open my order books again.

And if you want more, I post (almost) daily on Facebook or Instagram – you’re more than welcome to follow along!

Until next time …. take care of yourselves 🙂


Work in Progress … shall we catch up?

hmmmm … so it’s been a little while, and although I haven’t done much in the way of quilting (other than the Macmillan quilt), I’ve been working on a number of other, smaller projects whilst I’ve been ill and/or incapacitated … most of which are still at the work-in-progress stage. (I am a terror for not finishing personal projects!!)

Lest it be thought I have done no quilting at all …. there was one wedding dress quilt earlier in the year – just a smallish metre square ….

wedding dress quilt

and I went on a bit of a mission to sort out my boxes (and boxes and boxes) of scraps …. which generated a start of a quilt – I’m not sure where it draws its inspiration from, this one – somewhere between wedgewood and delft and moroccan tiles, I think …

wedgewood blue quilt

and the start of a cushion …

log cabin blue cushion

I’m starting to think I might put together a bit of a “collection” of quilts, cushions & etc to sell as a ‘ready made’ range …. but we shall see. At the moment I just want to reconnect with doing what I love and put the last six months behind me (hopefully once and for all).

On the days when firing up Bessie (I don’t know why the pfaff is called Bessie. She just is.) seemed just way beyond what I was capable of, there have been embroideries going on ….

this one was started in August last year on a workshop with Lisa Walton when she was over teaching …. embroidery beading and paint over a batik from Jackson Fabric Arts …. I think there are more to come in this series.


And in other off-the-wall experiments …. my sister gifted me a fabric print of Klimt’s Ode to Joy – and having seen the mural in Vienna a few years ago, I decided that the print needed something to lift it so it matched the vibrancy of the original a little better.

klimt ode to joy

A lot of different things going on here, with beading, machine embroidery, hand embroidery and rather a lot of gold fabric paint. Brilliant fun though 🙂

And a return to a piece that’s been hanging about on the design wall for a good couple of years now – provisionally entitled ‘Family Ties’, it’s a set of embroidered panels that will all (eventually) be tied together in one way or another. That’s a way off yet, but I’ve been doing some work on panel #7 recently …


the white lace flowers are from my mum’s wedding veil, the lace is from a collar that was in a pile of old family linens & laces, and the oak leaf print on silk was from Arlee Barr a few years ago now – a set of three that were too beautiful & precious for just any old project. They’re all in this piece now.

It hasn’t all been cloth and floss tho …. sometimes it’s just been too hard to even think about working, so I’ve had to keep looking at these mother’s day gifts from the eldest nestling to remind myself I can get through …


and head out for the occasional cocktail with the girls …



take plenty of long walks with the dog …


and pick up my knitting ….

I’ve been working a series of knitted blanket squares …. almost complete now so I’ve started blocking them …. eventually I may even get as far as putting them together ….

knitted blanket squares

and I have been trying to keep ahead of the littlest nestling, but she’s like a little mousie with her blankie and nibbles holes in it faster than I can darn them ….. I’ve been experimenting here as well with visible mending as I’m just a tiny bit obsessed with Tom of Holland’s explorations of the boundaries of when the life of a woollen garment starts and ends.

visible mending

I’m not sure how much longer this one can keep going – I think it’s on life support as it is, but I just can’t stick a big DNR sign on it yet, as twinkle still needs it.

Following ToH led me in turn to the fabulous Book of Haps from Kate Davies …. a new adventure into lace knitting (a road I’ve always stared down without having the courage to take the step onto) which was surprisingly undaunting once I got cracking …
houlland hap

the biggest thing I’ve discovered is that keeping count is really, really hard! (Also, stitch markers are my new bff). I think, no, I know, there will be more shawls.

I think that’s just about everything …. hopefully I will even finish some things soon, and then I’ll be able to share more with you. This has been rather a quick gallop through the last few months, but it’s so nice to be getting back to normality – and it’s been lovely for me to remind myself that although I’ve felt like a hopeless couch potato for a long while, I have actually done a fair bit more than I thought I had.

Look after yourselves until next time. L x