Little Hexies Scrap Quilt

aka the paper-piecing nightmare neverending quilt …..

It all started a while ago, when I fell in love with a pack of vintage fabric hexagons over at Pomme de Jour   (one of my favourite vintage places on the internet). I thought they’d be just lovely against old denim in a scrap quilt ….. and I was right.

Hexagon Scrap Quilt

What I hadn’t factored in was just how long this was going to take to produce a quilt of any reasonable size! I had rather grandiose dreams of piecing a twin bed quilt in this …. but …. being so busy with orders for other people can sometimes be a double-edged sword – it is WONDERFUL in all ways, but it does leave me very little time to work on quilts (and other projects) for myself. (However, having spent the wilderness years wondering if the whole thing was an enormous waste of my time, you’ll never catch me complaining!!)

Hexagon Scrap Quilt

Anyhoo – back to the quilt. If I’d stopped to realistically think how long it was going to take me, I probably would never have started. For this reason, I’m refusing to consider my tendency to dive into projects head-first a character flaw ….. even if it did take months for me to grow the quilt to this ….

Hexagon Scrap Quilt

So that by the time I got to roughly a metre square, I decided that enough was enough already, and it’d be a lap quilt, OK?

Hexagon Scrap Quilt(in this house, cats and quilts are generally to be found in the same place)

And then, because by this point I’d obviously entered the twilight zone of quilting insanity, I decided it wanted hand-quilting. With embroidery perle.

Hexagon Scrap Quilt

well duh. Of course, there’s that horrible moment when you realise that it may well take the rest of your life to finish this project ….. so it was in and out of the ufo pile for AGES. At least a year. I’d do a bit, lose the will to carry on, toss it aside. Come back again a couple of months later, repeat the whole process.

Hexagon Scrap Quilt

Until, slowly but surely, I noticed I was nearly finished. Oh, how that spurs the motivation!! A flurry of frenzied evenings ensued – I went on a total mission to finish it up. I can’t tell you about the callouses (callii?? how do you spell that?) on my thumb and first two fingers …… but it is done. And it is such a happy little quilt ….. I’m so pleased I did it, and didn’t let common sense put me off.

Hexagon Scrap Quilt

8 responses to “Little Hexies Scrap Quilt

  1. I like the idea of denim and vintage scraps. I fully understand, (a) the inspiration, (b) the on-again, off-again, (c) the sore fingers the denim not easy to handsew, and (d) the realization that lap-size is enough! A beautiful piece to be treasured. Jenny L, Brighton, Sth Australia

  2. Love it, well worth persevering, it’s beautiful

  3. love your hexi quilt. i wish i had the staying power to make that many.

    • Thank you 🙂 It has taken me a couple of years to get to the end of it – I was just too stubborn to give in on it, I think!

  4. You’ve finished it! Hooray! It looks lovely.

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