New studio heaven

There’ve been some changes in the laundry over the summer ….. I now have a gorgeous new studio. And yes, this post is mostly showing off how thrilled I am 😉

In the before ….. a strange, six-sided little thing …. very poorly insulated, so boiling hot in the summer and freezing in the winter, cramped, draughty, and deafening when the rain drummed down onto that corrugated plastic roof. Oh, and the lights didn’t work ….

00-before (1)

So it was with much excitement I cleared it all out (stashing my stuff in various places around the house, much to the family’s delight. (not). )

00-before (2)

bye bye now!

01-deconstruction (1)

going, going ….

01-deconstruction (6)

gone!! YAY!! Not so YAY over the dust levels, nor of my al-fresco kitchen wing …. not much improved by the tasteful chipboard temporary doors they installed. I know I shouldn’t complain, and it will all be worth it in the end, but REALLY. And you’ll note my poor little dog peering out from behind the gate we put up to stop her getting out into the garden. She was not impressed that she couldn’t get out there and supervise all the goings-on.

03-base (2)

After much banging, drilling and various other building related madness (plumbers! electricians!), we had a base …..  at this point I had a minor panic attack that it was just TOO BIG. Bit late for that now ….

04-structure (1)but as if by magix ….. over a couple of days the glass panels went up …… and I started to believe …….

06 - finishing (4)oh yes. plastering done, electrics done, painting done, floor insulation down …..

06 - finishing (5)I feel like I can start breathing again ….. and fiddling with floor plans …..

07 - Done (2)Floor!! Floor!! I can move in, at last ….

07 - Done (3)

I have my main work area, with all my bits and bobs conveniently close to my work table, without being cramped.

A good size floor space for laying out quilts.

A blank wall for hanging quilts and for designing layouts ….

07 - Done (4)

Bookshelves, baskets & boxes ….. a place for everything, and everything in its place


so nice to have all my reference books close to hand …..



My own version of a barn quilt …. “Eve’s Garden” hanging above the door …. and finally the vintage dupatta has a home as a false curtain …..


All my boxes, baskets, tins and jars of supplies and treasures are nicely to hand …. eventually I think I’d like a dresser in that alcove, but for now I’m happy with the old changing table/cupboard and some shelves …..

DSC_0066and my worktable is a good size to make plenty of mess on …… nice view of the garden for daydreaming, too ….. and lots and lots and lots of gorgeous north-facing light.


I am a very happy bunny ……


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  1. A lovely work space. I need a floor like that 🙂

  2. Wow, that is an amazing work space! I’m glad you were able to set up something so perfect!

  3. looks fabulous.

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