The peacock quilt – a wedding dress keepsake

I have a little special something to share with you today ….. a wedding dress keepsake quilt, but with a difference …..

wedding dress keepsake quilt

oh oh oh ….. gorgeous turquoise silk, with peacock feather motifs on the bodice and matching bolero ….. rockabilly style full mid-length skirt, with a fabulous amethyst tulle underskirt. *swoon*

Possibilities, possibilities …. we discussed a lot of ideas, but came down in the end to a simple large-scale log-cabin design, using the bodice in the heart of the quilt, and bringing the peacock motif in more fully with the quilting, inspired by this image ….


(if anyone can trace this image, I’d be grateful and happy to include proper credits – I believe it’s a Bengali book cover)

And so to work …. first, the deconstruction …..

wedding dress keepsake quilt

I do so love the anticipation of this stage – everything back to its component parts, ready to be re-assembled and re-incarnated ….

wedding dress keepsake quilt

The heart of the quilt …… using different shades of the silk from the bodice, the bolero and his waistcoat …. really pleased with the way the grain of the fabric adds to the design. I love, too, the way the motif details on the bodice and bolero suggest a heart-shape …..

wedding dress keepsake quilt

Embroidery in next …… within the heart-shape, using a pale amethyst perle thread and a mix of satin and stem stitch for the lettering …..

wedding dress keepsake quilt

and on to piece together the whole quilt top ….. the outer sections of the quilt are overlaid with the amethyst tulle from the underskirt ……. the whole thing is like a slice of summer sky, or perhaps the Indian ocean – vivid, warm and inviting …..

wedding dress keepsake quilt

And on to the quilting ….. the peacock design simplified to reflect more of a folk-art rather than indian feeling …. (and for those who like to know such things, I’m using a chalk pencil here to mark the design before I stitch – it shows up beautifully, and lasts just long enough to stitch over – perfect on these delicate fabrics).

wedding dress keepsake quilt

A quick flash of the back …. the design shows up so beautifully on this vintage damask linen …..

wedding dress keepsake quilt

The circular peacock feather motif continues over the whole of the quilt …..

wedding dress keepsake quilt

finishing touches ….. binding on, and an edging in amethsyt ribbon to match the tulle, with a tulle edging that looks as though the layer of tulle on the outer sections of the quilt just spill over the sides of the quilt ……

wedding dress keepsake quiltClaire's Quilt - complete (5)

And done, and away home …….


5 responses to “The peacock quilt – a wedding dress keepsake

  1. Absolutely beautiful Lucy! I’m always blown away by your artistry.

  2. Stunning as usual Lucy

  3. Thank you so much for our beautiful quilt Lucy. It is a treasured heirloom piece and seeing it come together brought back all of the lovely memories of our special day. Claire. x

    • Thank you Claire …. it was an absolute pleasure to make your quilt, and I’m so glad that it’s doing its job, and that you love it 🙂

  4. ‘Tis gorgeous, as usual!

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