Wedding Ring Bearer Pillows

I made a bride cry …..

Luckily, in a good day 🙂

A pair of wedding ring bearer pillows ….

wedding ring bearer pillow

For her …… white satin, overlaid with a little vintage embroidered lace, and embellished with a little bouquet of silk flowers in one corner, and tiny little ribbon roses in the other ….

Julia (12)

and for him ….. something a little bit different …. we originally discussed using black braid for the design on his ring pillow – something a  little bit gothik, a little bit medieval in feel – to reflect both their interests and the wedding theme, but sticking to their colours of white, burgundy and black. Anyway…. when I saw that black chain, all thought of braid disappeared out of my head – and I’m so pleased that the bride agreed (I love it when I get things right!) ….. a couple of little silk flowers (black and gold roses, not too un-manly, I think 😉 ) and the ribbon in the centre – just to make sure that if the little ring-bear has a moment and drops the pillow, the rings won’t disappear off under a chair or down a grate somewhere!

Julia (14)


I do think they look lovely together …….

And I had huge fun making them – it was nice to get all embellishy on a small scale. I might make  some more ……

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  1. These are beautiful, a perfect match for each other

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