Stitched Zentangles

I promised in my last post that I’d share my stitched zentangles with you …. so here we go 🙂

I don’t often share my sketchbook work as it’s mostly experimental, and playing around with different ideas, and trying out new techniques rather than pretty art-journalling, but I thought you might find this interesting?

I have a minor obsession with pattern (I think it feeds the quilting obsession) so spending some time playing around with making patterns is the best way of passing some spare time ….

This is the book I’m working from …. though of course I’m not really following the instructions, and it’s probably going to work out at more like one zentangle a month. The idea I have is to work through, and for each daily exercise to produce not just a drawn zentangle, but to extend it and re-create the patterns in free motion quilted embroidery, in hand embroidery and using fabric manipulation techniques (working from The Art of Manipulating Fabric ).

stitched zentangle

I laid out the initial page in line with the instructions in the book …. and annotated each of the different patterns with notes on stitch, technique etc …. and then got down to the fun part!

stitched zentangle

free motion machine quilting …..

stitched zentangle

hand embroidery ….. different stitches in different threads onto a linen background

stitched zentangle

and finally the fabric manipulation piece …… all sorts of different tucks, pleats & smocking and using different odds and ends of white fabric from the box of scraps  …. I think I particularly love the stuffed puffs.

I don’t know if I’m necessarily “going” anywhere with this …. it’s not consciously a development towards a final piece …..



…. but it does cross my mind that at the end of the process it might be quite fun to pull together some of my favourite elements into a single, larger scale piece of work. I’ll have to put it on the list ……



9 responses to “Stitched Zentangles

  1. Very very interesting. And I can see how it would be therapeutic to a tactile artist in different way, like to the touch. Do you know what I mean? Looks like so much hard WORK to me!!

  2. Oh, I love to see the transition from one piece to another. The hand embroidered piece and the fabric manipulation just give you so much to look at. Can’t wait to see where the journey takes you

  3. This is just lovely! My Mom was a quilter, everything by hand. . .she would have loved incorporating Zentangle into her work like this. A great way to transition from one art form to another. maria @ zentangle

  4. Amazingly cool tangles!

  5. Gorgeous, and fascinating. I wouldn’t have thought of making the transition from pen and ink to thread and cloth.

    My favorite’s the hand embroidered one.

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