In loving memory …. a keepsake quilt

The last of the quilts from 2013 …. a keepsake quilt, in loving memory …..

Another emotionally tough quilt to make …. this time for a lovely lady who lost her mum, and needed a quilt from her clothes. I don’t always meet the people I make quilts from, and although we get to know each other during the process, it adds an extra dimension when the connection is face-to-face. Just talking through the clothes, and handling them, brings those raw emotions back up to the surface – and not just for the person who is having the quilt made. My own losses come back to me.

It made it a little easier, tho, that these clothes were all shirts, in lovely fresh and cheerful colours …. they immediately suggested a simple 9-patch square  pattern, each block combining 2 of the shirts ….

keepsake quilt

*nods* ….. it works so well – simple and unfussy …

keepsake quilt

but still allows for little details like pockets and buttons and motifs to be included …..

keepsake quilt

It worked nicely in a kind of ‘ombre’ effect – still simple, but quite contemporary, too ….

keepsake quilt

It needed simple quilting …. a plain, meandering stipple in pale ice-blue tied it all together, backed onto a plain blue cotton sheet that echoed the workaday fabrics ….

keepsake quilt

and it all came together really very nicely ….

keepsake quilt

It’s so bright and fresh ….. I hope it gives comfort, along with the memories.

4 responses to “In loving memory …. a keepsake quilt

  1. Lucy, I only just came across this blog post today and I have to say it brought a few tears. Not only did you create the most beautiful quilt for me but you created such a beautiful post too You truly are an angel.

  2. I loved watching the progress on Facebook. I can only imagine the emotions you go through in the planning of these quilts. It’s a great way to remember someone, and those little details with pockets and motifs make it so special

  3. So pretty, another beautiful quilt. I love the keepsake quilt idea, such a meaningful way to remember someone.

  4. I hope it brings comfort as well.

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