Wedding Keepsake – ring bearer pillow



A very special request came in not long ago …. a delightful wedding keepsake, a ring bearer pillow …..

wedding keepsake ring bearer pillow

The brief was very simple …. vintage white linen, with an applique heart shape, the names to be embroidered in simple script around the central point (where the rings will be tied on with ribbon), and embellished with embroidered leaves and beading in the bride’s colours, echoing her autumn theme.

Happy sigh. Weddings make me mushy, all soft and sentimental in the middle, like a particularly gooey marshmallow.

wedding keepsake ring bearer pillow

Very plain and simple at the start …. just those double rows of backstitch holding the linen in place …. I interfaced the hearts with lightweight iron-on vilene just to stabilise it – that old linen is gorgeous, but gets very fragile when its worked.

wedding keepsake ring bearer pillow

And on to the fun bit ….. satin stitched autumn leaves in glorious, rich colour ….

….. and a seemingly random scatter of beads – little amber and gold seed beads, some copper beads, a few amber drops and little gold beads ….. all carefully placed to frame the centre and provide a little sparkle ….

wedding keepsake ring bearer pillow

all comfortable stuffed with a little 20x20cm duck-feather pillow ….

wedding keepsake ring bearer pillow

I hope they had a wonderful day ….. and that it marks the start of a long, happy and healthy life together.

3 responses to “Wedding Keepsake – ring bearer pillow

  1. I like the Autumn theme to this. Lovely 🙂

  2. Beautiful! I love the leaves and the beads — such wonderful personal touches.

  3. Beautiful colours in the bead and flowers. What a wonderful keepsake this will be

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