Baby Clothes keepsake quilt (and cushions)

Sometimes I just feel so lucky to be able to do what I do …. I’ve just finished a lovely order for a baby clothes keepsake quilt – memories of a precious little girl, so very pretty in pink, so I’m feeling a little misty, sentimental and perhaps just the teeniest bit nostalgic for the rose-tinted memories of when my brood of rapidly growing nestlings wore clothes this tiny!

Three bundles of baby clothes …. waiting to be transformed into one special quilt and a pair (which turned into three!) of cushions ….

baby clothes keepsake memory quilt

First things first …. everything needed deconstructing …. and that takes a fair old while, when there’s so much of everything and it’s all so tiny …. I’ve found over the years that 4″ squares work best with clothes this small, and you need an awful lot of squares to make up a twin-bed size quilt – so, deconstructing each piece rather than just cutting into them, to get the most possible squares out of each one. But still trying to keep the little details like motifs, pockets & trims included – those are the bits you remember best, I think ….

baby clothes keepsake memory quilt

Stacks and stacks and STACKS of squares …. and because there’s a lot of t-shirt in there, a lot of interfacing as well …..

baby clothes keepsake memory quilt

even though I always plan a design on paper, I like to lay it all out before I start just to check it all works ….. this one was so pink and girly, I just couldn’t resist using the few reds in the bundle to suggest a heart shape in the centre …. I saw something similar in a postage stamp quilt AGES ago and have wanted to try it out ever since so it was YAY to finally get the chance to do it ….

I found the *best* backing fabric …. the most gorgeous vintage sheet with a pink that hit exactly the right note with all the different pinks in the quilt ….

baby clothes keepsake memory quilt

And a lucky strike on ebay got me 10 yards of vintage hungarian eyelet lace …. just the thing to finish off the edges ….

baby clothes keepsake memory quilt

*SO* pretty …. happy sigh πŸ™‚

Stenning Quilt - Quilt complete (3)

And on to the cushions … patchworked, quilted, and 16″ square ….

baby clothes keepsake memory quilt

the bunny was a motif on a t-shirt …. and made the perfect centrepiece …. a ruffled hem on one of the dresses added a little joy to the edges of the cushion ….

baby clothes keepsake memory quilt

and on the back, ties from the dress made the perfect closure fastening, with waistbands and ribbon trims making the bindings for the edges ….

baby clothes keepsake memory quilt

I just love keeping little details like pockets and embroidery …..

baby clothes keepsake memory quilt

and getting to play with colour and pattern combinations I wouldn’t normally even consider ….

baby clothes keepsake memory quilt

but making them work together all so beautifully ….

baby clothes keepsake memory quilt

I always fall a little bit in love with my quilts ….

baby clothes keepsake memory quilt

so that it costs a little pang to part with them …. but this is off home, where it belongs … and I hope it will be enjoyed and loved even more than I enjoyed and loved making it.

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  2. How do I stop tee shirt type material from stretching ,what is and how do I apply interfacing please

    • Hi Pat, lovely to hear from you!! I use medium-weight (220) Vilene – it’s an iron-on interfacing and you can get it from most sewing/craft shops & probably online too. I cut the vilene to the size of the piece (including seam allowance + 1/8 inch) that I want, then iron it on, and then cut the piece from the t-shirt. If you’re using Vilene (there are different makes of iron-on interfacing) then you should position the fabric wrong-side up, place the vilene adhesive-side down (it’ll be slightly bobbly, and shinier than the non-stick side) onto the fabric. Cover with a damp cloth (tea towel is good for this) and press – don’t move the iron over the fabric, just hold it in place on a low (wool) setting for 8-10 seconds and that should do the job. I usually put a towel on the ironing board as well, so that I don’t end up with sticky residue over everything. Good luck with your project πŸ™‚

  3. I am just getting into quilting. Loved seeing your work and and if I become half as good I would be pleased.

    • Thank you πŸ™‚

      Just keep practising … and don’t be afraid to seam-rip it up and start again. If you get stuck, get in touch – I’m happy to give advice πŸ™‚

  4. Love the pocket and button details.
    As always your quilts are made to perfection with such care and attention to detail.

  5. That is just so,so beautiful….the concept,the story of the making ,the sentiment…..& the actual completed quilt & cushions. Truly made with love from love…& memories.

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