Baby Keepsake Memory Quilt


I thought today I’d share a recent commission for a baby keepsake memory quilt ….

It all starts with a pile of of gorgeously soft, bright and tiny baby clothes …. and there is always that ‘deep breath’ moment before I start, when I look and touch and know that these are not just clothes, but memories, incredibly precious memories, that I have been trusted with. It is a moment to accept the responsibility, but also one of great joy.

baby keepsake memory quilt

And so, I begin …. to carefully take everything apart, iron, interface and prepare the squares for piecing ….

baby keepsake memory quilt

Until I have enough piecces for the quilt, and have captured the little embroidered and appliqued details from the clothes …. sometimes it works naturally with my piece size, sometimes I need to double up ….

And so, the next phase …. because I was working with so many different colours and patterns, I wanted to make sure I was happy with the layout …. it’s just not like working to a pattern, or with a limited fabric palette as I would for a more conventional quilt …. so I lay them all out onto a white sheet and pin them in place when I’m happy ….

baby keepsake memory quilt

This quilt was for a little boy, so I liked the idea of the merest suggestion of a union jack design, using the red and dark blue, then slotting in the large pieces and balancing out the colours …. and the patterns …. I will admit I got a bit obsessive about the direction of stripes at this point …. but it’s so worth taking the time to get it right ….

And so to the piecing …. it takes a while to stitch together a cot-bed size quilt when you’re working in 4″ square multiples ….

baby keepsake memory quilt

But patience and perserverance pay off ….

Redshaw Quilt - Quilt top complete (1)

Just a few little details to applique on, and the embroidery of the name and date of birth in the centre, and we’re ready to quilt ….

Backing for this one was a bit of a departure for me …. I usually use either hemp fleece or a  vintage flanellette sheet for backing, but this called for something a bit brighter, bolder and heavier …. so we settled on a beautiful piece of royal blue corduroy … and very simple in-the-ditch quilting …

baby keepsake memory quilt

Very nice …

baby keepsake memory quilt

If I say so myself …

Redshaw Quilt - complete (7)

Ready for stories, cuddles, and snuggling up …. and some ‘secret’ pockets in there too. I just hope they don’t get used for storing frogs, snails and puppy dog tales ….

3 responses to “Baby Keepsake Memory Quilt

  1. Oh so sweet and beautifully made. What a lovely keepsake.

  2. What a great blog, and love your quilt. The backing and binding looks great – it really gives a strong edge and sense of colour. Very interested that you often use hemp fleece – I love quilting too and would be interested in finding out where to source this. I look forward to reading more of your blogs.

  3. Beautiful results. The backing fabric looks marvelous.

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