Blue Denim crazy scrap patchwork cushion

A little while ago, I made a rail fence quilt out of scraps of denim and cotton …. and generated a whole new pile of (smaller) scraps. I really hate to throw scraps out, until they get down to the ‘loose collection of disintegrating threads measurable in microns’ level at any rate, so I thought I’d just piece together some of what was left over, just as it came, to make a crazy scrap patchwork cushion ….

scrap patchwork cushion

I liked all the random angles …. but it did need something to hold it all together, so I added batting and backing, and free-motion quilted it in a flowing ‘wisteria leaf’ pattern …..

blue denim scrap patchwork cushion

Trimmed down to 40×40 cm, I had enough of the blue sheet I used to back the quilt left to make an envelope fastening …. and totally cheated by using the existing hem …. the buttons are vintage fabric buttons in a glorious turquoise-y-blue.

denim scrap patchwork cushion

And ta-da …. the finished cushion ….. which is now happily residing in its new home in San Diego – I’m guessing it’s a tad warmer than I am!

I really loved the wisteria leaf pattern I used for the quilting …. the silver thread looked especially delicious against that soft blue sheet …

free motion quilting

so I got the tiniest bit carried away with it, and used the last of that lovely blue sheet to make another pair of plain blue cushions …. just fabric and quilting ….

quilted cushion blue

And the same on the back, the edges enclosed in a little bit of vintage blue ribbon, and finished off with vintage silvery buttons ….

Qulted cushion blue (4)

They are ever-so-very dreamy ….

quilted cushion

And really need a boudoir to adorn ….. or a chaise longe in a reading nook …. or somewhere equally tranquil …..

Can you give them a home? They’re waiting for you in my Etsy store ….

4 responses to “Blue Denim crazy scrap patchwork cushion

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  2. I forgot to click the notify me via e-mail button on my last comment. Please can you reply to this one? Thanking you in advance

    • Hi Sarah,

      Thank you – so glad you love the work 🙂

      I’m really sorry, but I’m not going to be able to help you track down your sample 🙁 The quilting is not from a pattern – I free-motion the designs based on hand-drawn sketches that I do.

  3. Lovely work. Please can you tell me the make of the wisteria leaf quilting. I have a sample of that in my studio but the label is missing from the reverse and I am wanting to track it down.