Pastel pink florals …. a custom keepsake quilt

I was absolutely thrilled to be asked to make a custom keepsake quilt in pink pastels for a special little girl, as almost the first thing that happened this year.

So many gorgeous fabrics in my stash to choose from, but we were able to narrow it down … these are all vintage cottons, and I added in a lovely hand-embroidered vintage linen table cloth – the flowers just picked up the colours in the other fabrics beautifully.

custom keepsake quilt - choosing fabrics

And so to the piecing …. this was a cot-bed quilt (40 x 48 inches / 100 x 120 cm), and I was working in 6″ squares – so it worked out at 6 x 9 squares, a total of 54 altogether (with a little bit of a fudge!). I was originally going to cut the linen tablecloth into 6″ squares, but the embroidery was so lovely it seemed a shame to break it up, so I kept it intact …. laid out like this, I loved the panels at either end.

  ALG quilt w-i-p laying out

It all comes together quite lovely – here’s the completed quilt top …. it looks so light and fresh …. and is ready for the embroidery to go on ….

custom keepsake  quilt - pieced quilt top

Name and date in the centre, and a little added extra detail with the embroidered flowers – I wanted something fairly simple, and these pick up the colours and the style of the flowers in the embroidered tablecloth …..

Custom Keepsake Quilt - personalised hand embroidery

And so to the quilting …. I used Quilters Dream Orient batting – it’s gorgeously soft, eco-friendly and can help with allergies, too. The same goes for the hemp fleece I used for the backing …. it’s so nice to be able to use natural, breathable fibres rather than polyesters.

I did a foldover binding, and trimmed the whole thing with some vintage pink ribbon …..

Custom Keepsake Quilt

(apologies …. I’m not at all happy with this picture – the quilt wasn’t hanging straight, and I should have put it on a plain white wall instead of hanging it off a curtain rail!)

And here’s the back, for those that like that sort of thing! I posted a tutorial a while ago on acheiving a wrinkle-free back here.

custom keepsake quilt - backing

All done, and packaged up ready to go ….

ALG quilt - packed and good to go

And off it went …. it always costs a little pang to see them go, but when I get feedback like this … “I LOVE the quilt! It is stunning, thank you” …. it makes it all worth while.


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  1. Hardly surprising she loves it – it’s beautiful!!

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