Wedding Keepsake Gift – personalised lavender hearts

Of all the things I enjoy, I love creating something completely personal for a special occasion …. so I was delighted to be asked to create a set of my lavender hearts as a wedding keepsake gift, personalised with the initials and date of the wedding.

All the surface work gets done before the hearts are sewn together … and a little bit of a departure for me, working in burlap alongside my beloved linen. Burlap does lend itself astonishingly well to cross stitch ….

wedding keepsake - personalised lavender hearts

Little close-ups?

wedding keepsake - personalised lavender heart

Initials cross-stitched onto a piece of burlap over textured natural linen ….

Vintage lace trim stitched onto a burlap heart, with a chain of love couched down onto the border

wedding keepsake - personalised lavender heart

The date of the wedding embroidered in satin stitch onto textured natural linen, using vintage perle thread

I love the way the three of them hang together so well …. and that big crystal I salvaged from a box of broken costume jewellery just ties them off perfectly, I think.

I had such a fabulous response to these lavender hearts, I’ve decided to offer this service in my Etsy store …. a wonderful way to way to celebrate such an amazing day with something that is both beautiful and completely personal.

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  1. I love your hearts and these are so pretty. Hope you are on the mend x

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