TAST – 05 Herringbone Stitch

Baby it’s cold outside …

We’ve got a whole inch of snow on the ground … rather less in our garden now the children have finished with it!

But it’s hot in here! This week’s stitch for ‘Take a Stitch Tuesday’ 2012 is Herringbone Stitch …. and I went bright and warm …

I’ve used herringbone before, in the central panel of my elemental quilt

Something about this stitch that always make me think ‘oriental’ when I come to use it. Maybe I should have tried to break myself of the habit, but … well … I didn’t really want to!

I went further east than the islamic colours of the elemental quilt, looking to India. The design was inspired by one of my favourite reference books … I’ve been itching to use that bright silk for something, something hinting at vivid Indian colour, but without being a straight copy of a traditional design. The final design, now it’s stitched, makes me think more of mandalas than chintz, though …

I found a tutorial for the beaded herringbone over at Hand Embroidery from Sadalas and that, really, was my starting point – I wanted to use that, and everything else really flowed from there.

There’s a mixture of closed herringbone stitch – in the centre of the petals, and then more open around the edges. On the outside of the flower, I’ve used a double herringbone stitch, and then layered fly stitch over the top of the back-to-back herringbone framing the petals.

I adore this! (although I’m wondering whether to add a ring of orange french knots in the lozenges left in the border?)

I think it might end up as the central panel in a cushion … or perhaps a small lap quilt?

11 responses to “TAST – 05 Herringbone Stitch

  1. very beautiful the colors are amazing

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  3. This is stunning!!

    I’m behind two weeks for TAST, I just can’t come up with anything original for cretan and herringbone. This piece has given me new inspiration, thank you!

    BTW – GREAT photography!

  4. wow, it’s gorgeous

  5. This is beautiful! I still cannot believe the patience those stitches must take!

  6. What a beautiful piece. Congratulations. This beaded herringbone looks really great.
    Thank you for commenting on my blog.

  7. The herringbone stitches are wonderful! This is a great piece!

  8. I love your herringbone sample. The colours are great and you’ve managed to do much more with the stitch than I managed. The colours are really cheerful and it will make a wonderful centre-piece in whatever you decide on.

  9. Lucy,
    I came here through facebook and I am amazed by the stitching done by you. Beautiful pattern and pleasing colours .I am glad to see your beaded herringbone stitch as well.

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