Slow Cloth … Eve’s Garden boro keepsake quilt

Despite my hope that I’d have this finished by Christmas, I’m still working away at the hand embroidery on my boro keepsake quilt … this is slow cloth at its very slowest, I think ….

Eve's Garden boro quilt - embroidery detail

I have been working on it, during the times ‘in-between’ … but I needed a break from it. The levels of concentration and energy needed to work on something this size and with this much detail are difficult to maintain over a long period of time.

Eve's Garden boro quilt - half section completed

The central diamond is finished … and two of the corner sections … now I’m working on the top sections. I’m mostly using perle 8 for these parts – I’ve found some gorgeous vintage colours from Chameleon Threads …. you can get them over at Lorna Bateman Embroidery. More expensive, for sure, but worth every extra penny, I think.

Eve's Garden boro quilt - embroidery motif detail

In between the straight rows of running stitch, there’s a pretty straightforward repeated stitch pattern … leaf stitch alternating with rosette chain wheels, detached chain stitch (or lazy daisy) flowers, and woven web stitch …

Eve's Garden boro quilt - woven web stitch detail

I changed things up in the centre section, with leaf stitch stars, wheat-ear stitch wheels, buttonhole wheels and little stitched stars interspersed with french knots.

Eve's Garden boro quilt - french knot cluster

I liked that star with french knots, so I’ve worked it again in the corners … only larger and in a luscious dark purple perle that glories in the name of ‘blackberry’.

And so … here it is in it’s almost finished state … I find myself strangely reluctant to actually finish with this, even though I’m desperate to see the finished piece.

Eve's Garden boro cloth - close to complete

and, to finish, the obligatory peek at the back, for those who like that sort of thing 😉

Eve's Garden boro quilt - reverse

5 responses to “Slow Cloth … Eve’s Garden boro keepsake quilt

  1. It’s absolutely beautiful… no wonder it is taking a while to make!

  2. Both are wonderful! I can’t imagine the hours that have gone into these. The other day, I wondered how many hours went into a very, very, small piece I was working on. When I look it at your quilts, I’m in awe!

  3. These photos make my heart beat faster……this is sooooooo beautiful and lovely. Love the delicate colours and texture, and I especially love how you’re using lots of different stitches. Your stitching is gorgeous. This piece has my imagination in overdrive……..

  4. That is seriously impressive. It will be lovely to have something which has taken a lot of time and attention.
    Somebody bought me an embroidery book at Xmas and I keep looking at but doing nothing, find it a bit scary.

    • Thanks Sarah … and be brave!! Embroidery is nothing to be scared of … but then I might have a slightly warped view of it 😉

      Just start simple, and you’ll be hooked before you know it.

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