Lavender Hearts … love is in the air?

Wth the garden off limits due to frozen ground, and the planting season no more than a faint hope, I’ve started my spring cleaning early. And as I was turning over the idea of freshening up rooms and realising Valentine’s Day was sneaking up on me, it occurred to me that some little hanging lavender hearts might be just the thing to tick off both boxes …

Natural linen …. perfect in a neutral bathroom.

With three children, I’m bound to think that all good things come in threes … so a little trio – one plain, with a little embellishment at the base, one overlaid with a spotted tulle and a strip of vintage broderie trim, and another plain one, with ‘love’ written all over it – in a vintage chain couched on with embroidery thread.

And I liked them so much, I went on to make some more ….

A little more contemporary, these, in a neutral grey with a little pop of yellow …

This time, we say yes! I like these for an entrance or landing … and yes, that is a Lana Jansdotter fabric … I finally made myself part with some of my stash, just for you. Much as I adore that fabric, this lavender heart with the vintage grey and pale yellow braid overlaid on the cotton shirting is my favourite ….

Which one is your favourite?

And finally ….

A little shabby chic? Dreamy white and blue … perfect in a bedroom, I think, where the French Grosso lavender – long, long lasting and heavenly – will help create a tranquil and relaxing environment. I think antique white damask linen has got to be my all-time favourite fabric, so it was such a treat to use it here … in the plain heart with little wooden embellishment and hand-embroidery, and in the lavender heart with the strips of blue and white vintage broderie.

But I do love this one too … it’s linen, handprinted by another of my favourites –  the talented designer-maker Maramiki.

Where would you hang yours?

These little lovelies are heading off to my Etsy shop … but if you wanted a custom set in *your* colours, you could always get in touch to get something extra-special and uniquely your own.

3 responses to “Lavender Hearts … love is in the air?

  1. My fave is the blue flower Maramiki one, gorgeous!!! Keep on with the decluttering can’t wait to see the results!! Honestly, read that blog post on the academy blog, it’s great!! Really spurred me on to get tidied up!!

  2. Your hearts are lovely! Difficult to choose a favorite, but the linen trio in the first photo would be my choice.

  3. Lovely! I don’t think I could decide on a favourite… although I do like the ‘yes’ one! x

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