Beekeepers Quilt … 100 Hexipuffs!

A little progress update for you on my knitting!!

You might remember me telling you about starting work on the Beekeepers Quilt in Autumn last year? Well, I’ve been working away on my hexipuffs, filling the little moments here and there – and my count has hit 100!! It feels like a big milestone ….

(the downside is that I need 600 … so only another 500 to go!)

I love all those rich jewel colours …. let me show you my yarns

These are Kaffe Fasset Regia sock yarns …. two are self-striping – Landscape Canyon (4352) on the right, and Landscape Fire (4259). The other is Exotic Turquoise (4452) … blending those glorious colours together in a wave effect. I’ve got my eye on some Exotic Ember (4455) for my next batch of yarn for this.

Next we have my ‘Autumn Harvest’ – mini skeins from Lady Danio on Etsy … each package includes a dozen 5 to 6 gram (about 20-25 yards) miniskeins in a variety of indie, hand dyed, local yarn shop (LYS) and Knit Picks quality yarns. They did come labelled with the brand and colourway, but I forgot to note them down!! I didn’t use all the skeins in my package – some were a little too pinky for my colour scheme so I’ve put them into my stash for later!

I totally fell in love with these gorgeous golden miniskeins from Karma Suutra on Etsy … handpainted Bee Charmer miniskeins in dark honey. Just dripping with lusciousness …

And these are from my current skein … Blue Faced Leicester sock fingering weight yarn in Dragons Blood by Jelliebean Yarns on Etsy … so rich and brooding, and in that exact shade of dark crimson I adore most. I might, might, might have to add another skein of this into the mix.

That will have to wait for a while, though, because I have this little lot to work through first!

clockwise from top right …

Buffy Toughie Sock Yarn – Superwash BFL/Nylon – Mirage by Juno Fibre Arts on Etsy … now I’ve got it, I’m not entirely sure the colours are right, but for now it stays in the basket.

Moondust Sparkle Sock Yarn in Toasted Cinnamon by Solstice Yarns on Etsy … this is going to be next into the mix!

Then I have another one of the Karma Suutra Bee Charmer mini skeins – my last one. I thought I’d used them all up, and then that one popped up in the bottom of the basket.

The rest of them are some thrifted Debbie Bliss yarns, mostly unbadged, that I picked up at a yarn sale … I’m looking forward to seeing how that shocking pink, and those slatey blues, interact with the quilt.

And if there are any other Beekeepers out there, may I recommend the Beekeepers Quilt KAL Facebook Page  and for pure eyecandy, the Beekeepers Quilt group on Flickr.

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  1. Wow. That’s looking amazing. x

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