TAST 2012 – Buttonhole and Cretan Stitch

I’m on a little bit of a catchup with my ‘Take a Stitch Tuesday‘ 2012 challenge …. between commissions, visiting my new nephew and decorating the kitchen, weekend sewing has taken a little bit of a backseat for the last couple of weeks.

So … here we have the week 2 stitch – buttonhole. I’ve used it before, in it’s ‘purest’ form, in the ‘Til death us do part’ white cloth …

and in the ‘Eve’s Garden’ quilt I’m using buttonhole wheels for some of the floral detail ….

So for the challenge I wanted to try something a bit different … using the stitch to build up a picture, again … I’m not going to show you the entire piece, because I don’t like it! Still, I was pretty pleased with my spider web ….

And I like buttonhole stitch as a way of building up drifts of grasses …

So it wasn’t a complete write-off 😉

I missed the week of feather stitch … I might try and combine it with this week’s challenge – herringbone stitch – when I come to it this weekend.

Moving onto this week, then, and Cretan stitch … it’s not a stitch I’ve used widely before, other than as a decorative hemming stitch. But I liked the idea of experimenting with it a little, so thought I’d do a more straightforward sampler, using the stitch for hemming, couching, and decoratively … but playing with the idea of layering fabrics and combining pieces of broken costume jewellery into the piece.

So, from the top … worked in perle 12, a fairly straightforward up-and-down to couch the cord onto the lace and the linen backing, and then using nr 3 linen floss to couch down the string of faux-pearls. Then back to the perle 12, to pick up the detail in the vintage lace and quilt it down onto the linen backing …. I thought this was really pretty.

And over at the far side, using cretan stitch to couch down a piece of gold chain … I “love” this.

And just visible on the strip of broderie, some layered cretan stitch in different threads – perle 12, nr 3 linen floss and perle 5.

Below that, I’ve used a very tight, closed, small, diagonal cretan stitch to create a ‘wreath’ effect along the bottom of the broderie, and then a knotted cretan stitch for the beading. Below that, closed cretan stitch to hem the organza ribbon over the strip of silk. And then couching again, to hem the strip of beaded ribbon over the edges of the silk and the lace trim.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the finished piece … I’ve fringed the edges of the backing linen and I think it’s a pretty little valentine … I’m going to back it, and put a sleeve on it, and hang it on a wall (permanently, without the nasty pins!).

12 responses to “TAST 2012 – Buttonhole and Cretan Stitch

  1. Beautiful work. Great use of the stitches…

  2. Absolutely beautiful stitching. I love your piece.

  3. This is an interestingt way of using the buttonhole stitch as a way of building up drifts of grasses . Nice stitching and enjoyed your blog.
    Linda in NM

  4. Thanks everyone 🙂

    And Catherine, yes, it’s all hand stitched.

  5. Hi, these pieces are beautiful! Are they all stitched by hand? I can’t imagine ever having the patience! I really love the spider’s web, I think it would make a beautiful cushion.

  6. I’m in love with this sampler. I joined TAST to learn new stitches and push me creatively but now I see some 3d works in the future too! Nice work.

  7. Beautiful work! I love the grass!

  8. These ideas are great- what a brilliant series! I love the way you’ve done the grass – it looks fantastic! And the spider’s web too!


  9. Looks like you’ve got quite a lot going on here, and you will catch up no doubt. I thought the cretan stitch was a bit difficult to get to look nice, but today I’m practicing a bit more. 🙂

  10. Barbara J Roberts

    Great ideas. You are very creative!

  11. Hi there, thanks do much for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog! It’s really rewarding to find out that people are actually reading and are interested enough to comment! If you enjoy the posts there will be a peek into someone’s sketchbook every week… And if you restart your own please email me if you want to be featured! Happy sketching!! Sue

  12. What you’ve done is so interesting! It’s different from the way I think, so that makes it very unique to me. =) Thanks for sharing the pictures. I wish you HAD shown the piece you don’t like. I could tell you why you ought to. LOL The spider web is wonderful, and I NEVER considered doing grass that way.

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