Fabric Floral Corsages

I do like a bit of a fabric floral corsage … as those who know me well will confirm – I almost always have one somewhere in my outfit, either in my hair or pinned to my jacket. I think they’re perfect everyday, and they do add a dash of glamour for an evening out.

I’m so happy that they remain a big style note this season … it’s given me the perfect excuse to play with fabric and make some corsages of my own, for you.

Here’s a selection for you … something for everyone, I hope … a range of colours, perfect with this season’s fashion palette, and a range of sizes, from a tiny little rosebud corsage to a big, bold black-lace hellebore. You can see these and more in my Etsy shop

Now I know you can get them from Accessorize, or Claire’s, or Top Shop, and even Primark, but these are different … completely handmade, totally unique, each is a one-off – so no-one will have one just like yours.

And I’ve used vintage fabrics, and embellished them with vintage buttons, beads and elements of costume jewellery … so the materials are great quality, and durable, and, as a total bonus, are about as eco-friendly and ethical as an accessory can get – without the ethical fashion price tag, too.

Looks like a win to me ….

How do you like to wear yours?


3 responses to “Fabric Floral Corsages

  1. I love them! I can see that they must seel like hot cakes!! How gorgeous!!

    I love a bit of fabric corsagery myself. Yes, I just made that word up!!

    Happy New Year!


  2. Have just seen your post about your vintage Singer machine. Its gorgeous!! I can’t believe you found it for £5. What a complete bargain!! Love it. Thanks for sharing. Am loving seeing all the vintage machines out there x

  3. Beautiful! My daughter just bought herself a clip from Claires which she loves – maybe I’ll raid the sewing box and get her to make her own – should keep her busy now the holidays are here. Thank you!!

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