Boro keepsake quilt: Eve’s Garden … growing nicely

The stitching is coming on nicely on my boro keepsake quilt ….

I’m (finally) out of the centre and working around the edges … a mixture of straight lines on different angles, running across the cloth and intersecting … still seem to be feeling those Sami influences in terms of the fairly dense stitching …

I’m mostly sticking to a palette of colours that co-ordinate with the quilt, but couldn’t resist adding a little pop of colour with this orange and red … it’s only there in small quantities as an accent – I’ve matched these colours to the flashes of orange and yellow in the fabrics I’ve used. In places, it looks like a little sprinkling of hot paprika ..Coming out from the corners of the central diamond, and at the intersection of the diagonal lines, I’ve added smaller diamonds of cross stitch, with french knots almost as punctuation where the diagonal lines of running stitch cross through.

Once I’ve got all the running stitch done, the structure will be in place, and I can ‘plant’ my garden … the gaps between the rows will get some embellishment … little hand-embroidered flowers. I think the hardest part will be getting the balance right – allowing the stitching to tell its story without obscuring the fabric beneath.

There is still a way to go … and it may take some time, as I’m setting it aside to the quiet moments so that I can concentrate, for a little while, on getting some smaller pieces ready for the Christmas Fair season … which seems to be sneaking up on me far, far too quickly!


And for those who need to see what lies beneath … here’s the back … I think the structure is more evident here … you can see the flower beds growing up in between the rows 🙂

2 responses to “Boro keepsake quilt: Eve’s Garden … growing nicely

  1. Thank you 🙂

    The one thing I wish I could share, and can’t, is just how it feels when it shifts from being strips of fabric to a stitched, cohesive whole … it *is* incredibly satisfying.

  2. Isn’t it satisfying to tack the strips down and see a cohesion emerge? Yours is big! I love the touches of orange & red and the cross hatching. I look forward to seeing it come along, and share your hesitation about not wanting to cover too much of the woven-strip-surface over.

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