Brickwork Patchwork Cushion

It’s been one of *those* weeks, what with one thing and another – nothing earth-shaking, just an accumulation of petty annoyances and niggles that hit their I-must-deal-with-this zenith all at the same time.

Consequently, I’m a little late posting the finished version of my brickwork patchwork blocks, in their final trip-around-the-world form. I hope you’ll forgive me?

All blocks done and stitched together:

Now to remove the basting and papers … talk amongst yourselves – it’s rather tedious, if straightforward.

At this point, because it’s such a small block (30cm x 30cm) I could have left it unquilted, and just lined the cushion cover to hide away all the seams, but it really, really wanted quilting … just to add that little bit of plumpness and touchability to the overall.

I had enough of the dark red indian cotton for this, so I used that as the backing (right side out) and just ran a machine stitch around the outlines of the colour blocks, with a nice thick wedge of wadding in between ….

I had a lovely strip of dark orange satin ribbon for the binding …..

Envelope closing with a couple of buttons …..

And I made little beaded tassels for the corners. The tassels are just from some chenille yarn I had in the basket, and I wish I could remember where those gorgeous, iridescent orange beads came from … and that I had more of them! Sometimes it’s hard to part with my hoarde, even if it is perfect for the project in hand.

I am happy-happy with the result! And so is my customer … she was absolutely thrilled with it – yay!!

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