Brick Wall Quilt Block

Started work yesterday on the first of the blocks for my project … Brick Wall (or Brickwork, or Old Garden Wall).

I’m going to need four little blocks to make up the ‘Trip Around the World’ pattern, and I’m working pretty small – each block is a titchy 15cm x 15cm, as the whole cushion is only going to be 30cm x 30cm.

Trusty ruler and scrap paper into action, to draft the pattern … with a little not-too-taxing maths thrown in to get scale and proportions correct.

I’ve numbered each of the blocks so I know what order to work in, and so I know where each of the different fabrics goes – the shading on the edges is so that I know where the join goes, so I don’t sit there at the end of the process scratching my head trying to remember what goes where 🙂

Time for a rummage in the scrap box … I’m having a real ‘colour’ phase at the moment, and the brief was hot, reds, oranges, with black contrasts, and I thought this selection fitted the bill pretty well …

From right to left:

1 – remnants of a dark crimson shot silk

2 – vivid orange indian calico with embroidered detail

3 – dark crimson indian cotton with embroidered detail

4 – remains of a silk dress left over from another project!

5 – red and black lining from a suit jacket

6 – dark crimson wool upholstery fabric – I like the colour, and though I like varying up textures, I’m suspecting that it’s going to be too heavy for this little piece … we shall see

On to the cutting and stitching … working from the centre outwards, cutting out the piece from the block draft, position on the fabric, cut fabric, allowing approx 1/2 cm seam allowance, baste over the block.

remembering to do nice mitreing in the corners …

Right sides together on the basted pieces, and overcast to join them together ….

I am handsewing everything, mostly because I enjoy the process of pulling needle and thread through fabric, and partly because it’s such a small block. It would be perfectly reasonable to use a machine basting stitch for the piecing, and join them together with a little zigzag … if I wanted to go faster, and the pieces were larger

It all joins up quite nicely, progressing in colour sections across the block …

And because it’s so small, it’s come together quite quickly … the first block is done:

The piecing papers and basting are still in place at this stage … they’ll come out later. A little unevenness on the bottom edge, but I’ve got enough in seam allowances to straighten that out when the papers come out.

And I was right to have reservations about that upholstery fabric … it’s far too heavy for this little block, and actually, the colour isn’t right either. That’ll be coming off this afternoon, to be replaced with … I’m not sure what, yet …

I’m off for another rummage through the scrap boxes to see what I turn up. I think it needs to be a cotton, or something of similar weight to the other fabrics, but we shall see what turns up 🙂

Now you show me yours!! Post a comment with a link to your block … can’t wait to see them 🙂

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